Super Bulldog Weekend is this weekend, April 12-14. Did you ever wonder how students on MSU's campus feel about this weekend?

1. Football is BACK!

The spring football game gives us a glimpse of fall. We are here to see how our team will be this year and what Joe Moorhead has in store for us. Davis Wade is opened back up, and we get to experience a small piece of game days at MSU.

2. Baseball - All. Weekend. Long.

The newly renovated Dudy Noble Field is now known as the Carnegie Hall of Baseball, and if you visit it, you know exactly why. This field transformed an MSU student's baseball game experience. This weekend, many MSU students will experience Dudy Noble for the first time at Super Bulldog Weekend.

3. Cotton District Arts Festival - Take me NOW!

This is the biggest festival that takes place in Starkville. Tons of vendors are set up all around the Cotton District. Everything is handmade, and the items for sale are so versatile. Products are made in different countries and states around the world. There is live music, fresh food, and fun times with friends. The Cotton District Arts Festival is definitely the place to be on Saturday morning.

4. Is it time to sample the pigs yet?!

Friday starts the pig cooking, and many people will participate to cook their pig in the best way. Saturday, they will all be judged, and that afternoon, they're up for sampling! Grab your friends and go pick your favorite!

5. Do you want to tailgate with me??

The junction is opened, and we get to taste tailgating in the spring. It is just the same as in the fall, only slightly cooler. Bring your tent and join us!

6. It's like spring homecoming!

That is exactly what it is. Fans, friends, and families fill the stands at every event. Old friends meet up, and new friends are made. Past memories and experiences are remembered, while new traditions are begun.

7. Please don't rain!!!

Most importantly, we don't want it to rain. Raining means all the sporting, arts, and cooking events are canceled or postponed, and we can't enjoy these great events our university has put on. We will be constantly checking the weather.

Super Bulldog Weekend is definitely a weekend to remember as a Bulldog. Everything that our university and city has to offer is on display. Anyone that comes is likely to find something that they like to participate in. So, if you don't have weekend plans, head to Starkville and join us for the 34th annual Super Bulldog Weekend!