The Super Bowl As Portrayed By Spongebob Memes

Just days after it happened, Super Bowl LIII is already one of the most forgettable Super Bowls in recent memory.

No epic 25 point comeback. No 1,000 combined yard shootout. No dramatic ending.

Just a meh 13-3 game with meh commercials and a meh halftime show.

Even Patriots fans probably don't care about this Super Bowl as much as previous ones. So this title now ties the Steelers for most Super Bowl wins by a franchise? Ok cool.

So Tom Brady now has more Super Bowl wins than any player in NFL history? Noice.

Bill Belichick is now tied with Curly Lambeau and George Halas for most NFL titles by a head coach (tied with coaches who just had to have best regular season record without playoffs)? Wanna cookie?

With all that said, we can tell the story of an otherwise underwhelming Super Bowl through one of life's universal languages: Spongebob Memes.

As we all know, there was not enough Spongebob in this Super Bowl, and YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH SPONGEBOB IN ANYTHING.

Here's the Patriots and Rams Super Bowl as portrayed by Spongebob memes!

1. Police officers looking for Barstool employees.

2. Gronk and Edelman cracking 69 jokes.

3. Tony Romo making his Super Bowl debut.

4. Gamblers who bet on the National Anthem length when they heard Gladys Knight say "Brave" a second time.

5. Meanwhile in New Orleans. . .

6. Super Bowl attendees in Atlanta.

7. Bill Belichick game-planning for a 13-3 snoozefest.

8. Mood after Avengers: Endgame teaser.

9. When you see Jordan Peele is hosting a new "Twilight Zone" series.

10. Sean McVay trying to figure out the Patriot defense.

11. Casual football fans waiting for something to happen.

12. When the ball gets loose at the NFL 100 banquet commercial.



14. Everyone when they realized it was just an intro for "Sicko Mode."

15. Adam Levine taking his shirt off.

16. Todd Gurley on the sidelines waiting to get a carry.

17. When a touchdown was finally scored.

18. 14 punts total!

Including a Super Bowl record 65 yard-long punt!

19. Jared Goff when he threw the game ending interception.

20. Jets fans watching their greatest player ever Joe Namath hand the Patriots the trophy.

21. Patriots owner Robert Kraft accepting his 6th Lombardi trophy.

22. Sports personalities who said "The Patriots dynasty is dead" three months ago.

23. Pats Haters: But Brady cheated!           Pats Fans: bUt bRaDy cHeAtEd!

24. The AFC East waiting for Tom Brady to retire.

25. Everyone going into work on Monday with Patriot fans.

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