The Patriots Dynasty Looks Stronger Than Ever

Last Sunday Tom Brady and the New England Patriots defeated the Kansas City Chiefs to advance to their third straight Super Bowl and Brady's ninth overall. The Patriots were a team all season condemned by the media, and some select individuals even tried to hop on the train of Brady approaching the cliff. But if the game on Sunday showed us anything it was that the Patriots reign of terror across America is nowhere near to being over.

Just thinking back to the performances by the teams biggest players and then compare them to where they are now is like night and day. Rob Gronkowski who missed multiple games this season because of a lingering back injury and really didn't look like himself throughout the regular season. Fast forward to the postseason, he has a massive impact in the run game throwing key blocks which lead to big plays for running back Sony Michel and others. Then in the AFC championship, Gronk turned back the clock becoming a big target for the team. The tight end caught six balls for 76 yards and two huge third-down conversions which both lead to touchdowns.

Then there's Julian Edelman who was suspended for the first four games of the season for violating the NFL's PED rules. No one even mentions him as an elite target anymore but still proceeded to shred the Chiefs on third-down. It was almost sickening as a Patriots fan to see him keep moving the chains on the sorry Chiefs defense.

Patriots vs. Chiefs AFC Championship Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs YouTube

Oh, but let's not forget about the stories of Brady and Bill Belichick butting heads and not getting along at all. I believe that coach Belichick even referred to the story as "gossip." That clickbait is now dead and gone and good riddance.

And for the people who still believe that the Patriots just got "lucky" or they "caught lightning in a bottle and will fall off next year" let me tell ya. Next season the Patriots will have 12 picks in the NFL draft! Whether they spend all of the picks to get younger and deeper at key positions(that'd be a little surprising) or use them in trades for proven players (there we go) New England will be set up for success for years to come. I'll wrap this up by quoting former New England Patriots quarterback and current Patriots radio color commentator Scott Zolak.

"Americas worst nightmare is back."

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