20 Recipes To Make For Your 2020 Super Bowl Party
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20 Super Bowl Snack Recipes That'll Score You A Touchdown In 2020

Whether you're in it for the commercials or the actual game, you'll enjoy these.

20 Super Bowl Snack Recipes That'll Score You A Touchdown In 2020

The list starts with some dips, then moves on to finger food/appetizers, main dishes and of course, DESSERT.

All you need is to pick a few of these recipes (or all, if you're feeling brave) and you'll kill the Super Bowl hosting game.


If you don't have this dish at your party, people might leave... #sorrynotsorry.

Get the recipe from Allrecipes.

Fresh Guacamole

Everyone loves a little chips and guac - so use this recipe from Downshiftology as the ultimate party staple.

Fresh Mango Salsa

If you have guac, then you gotta have salsa. This recipe from Cookie + Kate offers a fresh twist on boring, old jarred salsa.

Jalapeno Popper Dip

All the best parts of the classic appetizer, in dip form.

This recipe from Brown Eyed Baker will make your guests come back for more.

Ultimate Fully-Loaded Nachos

Guarantee that this whole pan of nachos will be gone before the coin toss.

Get the full recipe from Brown Eyed Baker.

Chicken Flautas

These heavenly roll-ups will be a fan-favorite as soon as you take them out of the oven.

Get the recipe (including for the green salsa side) from CountryLiving.

Pigs In A Blanket (Cajun Edition)

Use this recipe from The Pudge Factor to make one of the best foods of all time (in my professional opinion).

Also, I had to pick this Cajun twist on a classic as a shoutout to the New Orleans Saints!!!

Potato Skins

Use this recipe from The New York Times to whip up some little slices of par-tay...who doesn't love a good potato skin?

Soft Pretzels

This recipe from Brown Eyed Baker makes for the perfect salty snack.

But let's be real, you could buy the pre-made ones from the grocery store if you're short on time. I know this whole thing was my idea but I won't tell anyone, promise.

 All-American Beef Chili

This recipe from Cake & Allie is quick and easy, which is perfect because if you're having a Super Bowl party, then you probably have 100 other things to do.

Cajun Shrimp Mac And Cheese

Another shoutout to the Saints - try this recipe from Lemons For Lulu to make a dish that literally looks like the best invention in the world.

Classic BLT Sandwiches

This recipe from Food.com (even though it's pretty self-explanatory) helps you knock this classic out of the park (er, in this case, off the field?).

Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches

As an equal-sided shoutout to the Chiefs, Kansas City is known for their barbecue. Use this recipe from Brown Eyed Baker to make a delicious sandwich that people will devour.

Mexican Lasagna

Easy ~and~ delicious... use this recipe from Once Upon A Chef to make the ultimate party comfort food.

Football Whoopie Pies

OK, how cute are these little dessert sandwiches? Martha Stewart is quaking...

Get the full recipe from ConutryLiving.

Oreo Football

Straight from the kitchen of my Aunt J, this recipe from Shugary Sweets is revolutionary. Last time she made it, my brother ate the ENTIRE thing.

Fudge Stout Brownies

In the wise words of Country Living Magazine: "Thanks to these brownies [recipe courtesy of CountryLiving], it's finally acceptable to have beer for dessert."

M&M team-themed Cookies

Ok, you can't really go wrong with these. Follow this recipe from The Pioneer Woman and cater them to the two teams playing, and you'll have a hit!

Buckeye Dip

All the best things combined into one dessert. Get the recipe from What Molly Made.

 Cheesy Jalapeño Pull Bread

Cheesy Jalapeño Pull Bread is the perfect consolation prize for any guest who's rooting for the losing team. Get the full recipe from Simply Recipes.

May your party be poppin' and the Saints be marchin'!!!!

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