5 Reasons A Sunset Is The Most Powerful Thing In The World
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5 Reasons A Sunset Is The Most Powerful Thing In The World

A sunset keeps peace in the world.

5 Reasons A Sunset Is The Most Powerful Thing In The World

For the past year, every chance I get, I slip down to the river and go sit and watch the Marist sunsets.

In reading this, I am aware that it's rare to hear a guy say, "I enjoy watching the sunset." To me, a sunset paints a thousand words. It is a beautiful thing to watch to close a day.

But it means a lot more. It has a significance to many different cultures. It brings people closer together, it brings a multitude of different ideas, and it closes a lot of doors. But in my opinion, there's a lot more to a sunset than meets the eye.

1. A sunset signifies a long day's end.

Sunsets often fluctuate times. Some will happen extremely early and some extremely late.

Nonetheless, a sunset is a sunset and usually happens at the end of a day. And when it goes down, the satisfaction of a long day concludes with color changes. A day closes and a new one forms with new hope and new opportunities to come with it.

2. A sunset shows you the natural beauty of life.

Sitting on the Hudson gives me a chance to see how the world really looks like at night.

Every country experiences a sunset and each shows different changes in the sky. From vast oranges to brighter reds, there are so many elements to a sunset that it makes you become in awe of it.

3. A sunset brings friends together.

Daily, I see people gathering together to watch the sun change colors. They take selfies on the docks and take pictures as the sun goes down. And a sunset brings people together. To laugh and smile and cry together. To make memories and bring smiles. It may just be a Marist thing, but a sunset does bring friends together.

4. A sunset allows time to reflect.

I always sit and reflect while I watch a sunset. Reflecting about things I've said and actions I've done.

And a sunset is a keeper of words. A secret is always safe in the eyes of a sunset. Tears are not a subject of mockery or embarrassment to the sky or to the clouds. And sunsets are a friend in reflection.

5. And a sunset keeps peace in the world.

With all that goes on in the world, there may not be a break. But there is a break with a sunset.

Sunsets serve as a common factor that bring a bit of joy in the world. There may not always be good news on the day, but there is always a sunset to look forward to. A sunset won't bash a political party or tweet hurtful facts. A sunset brings a smile and a way of natural zen. It really does make the world a bit more peaceful.

So next time you get a free moment, stop what you're doing. Go look up the time of the sunset and block out time to go watch it. Maybe you'll see what I see. Or maybe you, too, will fall in love with a sunset.

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