5 Songs From The '80s To Listen To On A Sunny Day
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5 Songs From The '80s To Listen To On A Sunny Day

There are times that one cannot really predict how the weather is going turn out the next day or so, but one can always prepare a list of songs to hear especially for a sunny day.


There are times that one cannot really predict how the weather is going turn out the next day or so, but one can always prepare a list of songs to hear especially for a sunny day. A sunny day, for me, is usually when I am in the best of moods and have a very positive attitude while the sun shines greatly on nature and the sky is beautifully blue. Now also being a fan of the songs from the 1980s, I have realized that I always put up these songs to hear whenever there is a sunny day. Here is my list of the top five songs from the 1980s that I enjoy hearing during a sunny day:

1. "Heaven Is A Place on Earth" by Belinda Carlisle

A great pop song to hear at the start of a sunny day. With her optimistic lyrics about "heaven" being "a place on Earth" gives an appreciation to love nature and "Earth," the planet that is full of people that can give love unconditionally. In addition to her lively tone in her voice, Belinda Carlisle reminds me of another message that we should also appreciate the feeling of love, especially appreciate the joys from love's existence. Love is what really what makes Earth such a happy place to live in and this song makes me feel glad that I exist on this lovely Earth.

2. "Modern Girl" By Sheena Easton

Through its pop tones and chimes, Sheena Easton sings her catchy lyrics to tell us even though a girl has daily responsibilities to support herself and being a relationship, there is always time for her to enjoy life freely and be like a "modern girl." For me, it also makes me question what my definition of a "modern girl" is. However, just being myself and do the things I like to do while I am a young "modern girl" before having a life full of responsibilities and a relationship is an excellent way to create the definition. It is a perfect song for girls to become motivated by not wasting any time and do things that they love to do while they are young. At the same time, it's an easy song to dance to!

3. "Man in the Mirror" By Michael Jackson

The King of Pop sings a hopeful song about "making a change." At first glance of the title, I thought to myself of seeing if I become the person I want to be especially when Michael Jackson sings, "Take a look at yourself, and then make a change." I also question what kind of "changes." For me, I think of "changes" that make me become the better and best person I can be. Another perspective, this song makes me feel like I want to become a hero to myself and others. Through its gospel-like chorus and upbeat lyrics, the song becomes very powerful to me. This song also delivers that "change" is possible and that there is hope and an answer to solve all the problems that the world still has. This song will always remain one of my favorite songs from the King of Pop.

4. "It Might Be You" By Stephen Bishop

For me, sometimes it is nice to daydream about romance and what kind of person to be with. At the same time, the song demonstrates the wonders of love and question of how it is to be in love when he sings directly, "Looking back as lovers go walking past" and "All of my life, wondering how they met and what makes it last." Stephen Bishop also captures that hopeful feeling for people who do not find the right person yet and there are possibilities when he sings, "Something's telling me it might be you." It is a nice romantic song to walk leisurely on a sunny day especially when it begins, "Time, I've been passing time watching trains go by." It also encourages me not to lose hope and that there will be a special and perfect someone for me. Also, this song also suggests to let love takes it time and that love will come to me when I am ready especially when the lyrics go "I think we're gonna need some time" and "Maybe all we need is time." If one did not watch my favorite 1982 film, "Tootsie," which is where the song comes from, you will miss out the interesting surprises about love, especially that the story depicts an actor who dresses up as a woman to keep his job and find himself falling for an actress but cannot tell her that he is a man. With this film in mind, while hearing the song, the song becomes one of the most beautiful 80's love songs to hear during a sunny day.

5. "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" By Starship

With its fast drumming sounds at the beginning which are followed by a mixture of pop sounds, it's so simple to fall in love and sing along with the song. Just like the title and chorus parts of the song, for me, it serves as a strong motivation on achieving my dreams and goals. This strong message of motivation becomes more effective if one watches the 1987 film that I love, "The Mannequin" which the song comes from, depicts a creative boy, who is hopeless in getting a job, finally gets a job at a store and falls in love with a mannequin girl who becomes human at night and helps him make the store a stylish place that everyone loves to come for shopping. Together with the film and the song, they both deliver that one can also find success and motivation not from themselves but from the people who assists and supports you all the way. Overall, this is the ultimate song that one should hear on a sunny day when the positive attitude and feelings start to overflows inside!

Hear these songs from the 80s to enjoy your sunny day!

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