21 Ways College Kids Spend The Dog Days Of Summer Like These 21 Good Doggos
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21 Ways College Kids Spend The Dog Days Of Summer Like These 21 Good Doggos

Here are some suggestions of what many college students do during their time away from school.

21 Ways College Kids Spend The Dog Days Of Summer Like These 21 Good Doggos

College students both look forward to and dread summer. There are so many things to do, but at the same time, it's not like high school anymore where you can just play all summer! Most students have many different things to keep them busy, but if you're low on ideas for what to do this summer, take some notes from these furry friends!

1. Making Money

Most college students work a job or two during the summer to pay for their expenses during the academic year when they don't have as much time to work, if they have any time at all.

2. Relaxing Every Day

Most universities don't have bathtubs in the dorms. A nice warm bath sounds so wonderful after a whole semester away. Showering without flip flops sounds great too!

3. Cooking Out

I love going to backyard barbecues in the summer! Most college students could live on hot dogs, hamburgers, and corn on the cob all summer!

4. Exercising

Summer is a great time to start working out! You can surprise all your friends with how much weight you've lost.

5. Catching Up With Friends

Going home for the summer and being away from your friends at school is hard, so you have to call and text all the time to make sure you stay updated on their lives!

6. Try Something New

Summer is the best time to start a new hobby, be it playing a musical instrument, knitting, or doing puzzles.

7. Taking An Online Class

Online classes are great to get ahead on courses for your degree while you're bored over the summer!

8. Reinventing Your Look

Summer is as good a time as ever to get a haircut or change up your wardrobe!

9. Eating Lots of Good Food

Trying some new food is a great way to spend summer vacation. You could even try making your own recipes!

10. Going On An Adventure

Summer is the best time to travel because you can have as much time as you want away from home without worrying about missing school or your job on campus.

11. Getting Some Sun

Getting a tan while lounging in your yard or by a pool is a great way to pass the summer. Just don't forget your sunscreen!

12. Catching Up On Chores

Not only could you do chores for your parents around the house, you have extra time to clean out your closet and rearrange your room at home too!

13. Finding Your Inner Zen

Whether it's yoga, meditation, or attending church services, doing something to better your inner self during the summer is a good way to recover from the hustle and bustle of the busy academic year.

14. Vacationing With Friends

Going on vacation could be a great way to get away from both school and home and going with friends is all the better!

15. Take A Dip In The Pool

Swimming around (or floating, if you're into that) is a good way to bask in the summer sun and enjoy the beautiful weather!

16. Reading A Good Book (Or Twelve)

Need I say more? Catch up on all those lost hours during the hot summer days!

17. Napping On Napping On Napping

Need I say more? Catch up on all those lost hours during the hot summer days!

18. Writing To Pen Pals

Some of your friends are halfway across the country and you could send them a text, there's something endearing about writing a letter to someone!

19. Making New Friends

Just because you're at home doesn't mean you can't make new friends! Meet a new gym buddy, work best friend or pool pal!

20. Watching a New TV Show

Finally tuning into that series that your friends are crazy about is a great way to spend your time (and Netflix subscription!)

21. Creating Art

Maybe you're inspired by your hometown or the people in it. When you truly have time to create art, it can be really beautiful.

Maybe if you're really ambitious, you can do all of these things this summer. Or you can pick just a few and stick to them to have a fantastic summer!

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