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8 Simply Ways To NOT Waste Your Summer And Have A Blast

School's out, and summer's here! So with the two free months you have, what are you going to do?

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Finally, school is finished and students have 2 months to spend any way they choose. There are so many options that you can choose from as you are free from the burden of school. You finally go to the beach, since the water is warm enough to play in. You can binge your favorite T.V. shows that you could not watch during the school year since you were busy. The options are endless, but, of course, until the 2 months end. So enlighten yourself in a couple of ways that you can make the most out of your summer.


Getting any job during the summer will be beneficial for you. Jobs allow you to build responsibility since you have to get there at the right time and work to the best of your ability so that you can keep the job. Jobs also allow you to make your own money, so you can finally have that money to buy your own laptop or money you can use to hang out with your friends.

I personally am going to tutor during the summer since it pays well, and I get to teach courses to students that I have already taken. I really enjoy explaining things to other people and seeing the "lightbulb" reaction when they finally understand a concept.

Studying For SAT And ACT

Having two months of free time can be a blessing since you finally have the time to practice and study for your SAT and ACT, which are very important for college admission. I personally do not like practicing for either of these tests, but since I plan on going to college, I have to take the time to really focus and practice for this test.

Mission Trip

Mission Trips are a very good experience for you to pursue during the summer. Trying to go out of your personal bubble here where internet is a thing to somewhere water is not readily available can be prospective-changing. I am going to the Dominican Republic along with members of my church youth group. I hope that this venture will be life-changing and that I will be able to get something out of it while helping others that are in need.


Getting an internship can allow you to really understand the work done in jobs. You can see how the occupations that you may want to pursue are like with an internship and whether or not you may want to continue to pursue that occupation.


During the school year, finding time to exercise is difficult, since you have to do some many things, but during the summer, you have lots of time to spare. Use the time you have to exercise, as it is beneficial for your health and relieves stress.

Hanging Out With Friends

Everyone is extremely busy during the school year, since you have assignments to finish, practices to attend, and tests to study for. So take advantage of the 2 months you have at your disposal, and spend time with the friends you were not able to see during the school year

Take Online Classes

It is always nice to be ahead of the game in academics. Many online schools offer classes during the summer, so you can take the classes you do not want to take during the school year in the summer. This way you have room in your schedule for other classes.

Go Outside of the Country

Going outside of the county can allow you to gain more perspective on the world's culture. Not everyone in the world lives like Americans, although more and more countries are losing their cultural diversity as globalization spreads Western Ideals, but there are many places around the world that have different tastes, different languages and different cultures, and it is worth your time to experience them when you have the chance.

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