The weather is warm, it's sunny, and it's the perfect recipe for me to get my tan (sunburn). Also, it is the perfect weather to spend a lot of time outdoors. It smells like summer and that's because it is summer.

This summer, I am working at the nonprofit that I worked with last year. I am going to be a camp counselor and I am going to be spending every day outdoors. This excites me so much! I am so eager to go back and to be doing something that I love.

Last year when I wasn't at camp, there was a 90% chance that I was on my phone. It's not good because I felt like I wasted a big part of my summer away. I don't want to do that again this summer and I want to be in the moment this summer.

This summer I want to spend time with my friends, and I want to have fun. I want to let loose and actually enjoy my youth. I am only young once and now is my only time to do so. Soon, I'll be done with college and I will have a grown-up job. My summers are limited, and I want to have the most fun possible, while I still can.

Since I love being outdoors and I want these precious moments with my friends, I've realized that the best way to truly enjoy both is to not be on my phone. It's to get away from social media and get away from things that inhibit me from living in the moment.

I understand the luxury of having a phone because it is one. However, time is the most invaluable thing in this world as it's priceless. To me the time spent with my friends is obviously worth more than being on Instagram.

That's why I deleted every social media app but Snapchat from my phone (got to keep those streaks alive). It's so easy to get caught up scrolling away on these apps, liking every picture, and commenting whatever. It's so easy to waste so much time doing this, and I know this because I've done it before.

This is not the way I want to live my life. I want to live it away from the screen. I don't want to be only looking at people having fun, I want to be the one having fun too.

I want to be the one that's smiling ear to ear enjoying my summer. I want to be the one that's laughing away with my friends whether that's over good food or laughing while playing a stupid game of Uno. It's these simple moments that are so easy to miss if I was on my phone.

I am determined to have the greatest summer of my life whether it's writing all day on a beach, working at my nonprofit, or spending time with my friends. I will document it and I will have fun, but I won't be on my phone.

My tip for everyone is to follow this too. Enjoy these summers, sadly they're numbered and they will go away in the blink of an eye. Don't waste this time being on your phone, you'll regret if you do. This summer just limit the time you're on your phone and enjoy the moment.