We are two weeks into summer and my social media platforms are already flooding with pictures of friends galavanting around Europe or cheers-ing fun and fruity drinks on a tropical beach somewhere. Living in a very wealthy part of Southern California, I've always been used to seeing my wealthier friends take awesome vacations while I'm stuck working. Sometimes it sucks to work a 6-hour shift over 400-degree fryers knowing my fiends are traveling, but you have to make the best of any situation.

If you're like me and will find yourself working and interning all summer, here's my list of essentials for making the best of your summer without getting too jealous.

1. A monetary goal

If you're going to work all summer, might as well have something to work towards so you have something to show for your summer. My goal is to pay off my credit card bill and then save up my first-semester sorority dues.

2. A good book

I've been obsessed with Tyler Oakley's hilarious memoir Binge, but there are plenty of hot summer reads to delve into. Whip out that library card and find something new and live vicariously through the adventures of another.

3. Consistency

If you're spending your summer at home, the chances of you slipping into a routine of sleeping until noon and wasting your days off are very high. Setting an alarm, going through a normal morning routine, and having some reliability in your days will help keep you from feeling like you're wasting your days and will help keep your jealously of other people's adventures at bay.

4. A "staycation"

Find something cool and unique to do in your hometown or wherever you're spending your summer to add some excitement to your summer. Go to a minor league baseball game, go to a local dive bar, or grab some friends and snacks and just go for a drive. Just because you can't afford a plane ticket doesn't mean that you have to lose your sense of adventure.

5. A personal goal

Summer is the perfect time for you to work towards something you really want, whether that be to finish a project, to get in better shape, or to learn a new skill. Focus a little more on yourself and don't be afraid to be a little selfish this summer.

6. A fun journal

My best friend bought me a book that has over 600 different writing prompts in it and I find it is the best thing to get my creative juices flowing whenever I'm in a personal rut. Hit up your local Target or Home Goods and find something fun that will push you a little bit and entertain you throughout the summer.

7. Something to look forward to

Plan something for the first night all of your roommates or friends will be back together before the school year starts. Whether it's a fun dinner or a movie night or a cool new adventure, throw out ideas in your group chat and make plans to celebrate the upcoming year.

Just because you're working and not island-hopping over the summer doesn't mean your summer has to suck. Don't loose your sense of adventure just because you can't afford to travel right now.