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My Summer Shopping List

It's almost summer!

My Summer Shopping List

The warm weather means that summer is on it's way. Time for new styles, fashion, and fun things.Here is a list of the items I have on my shopping list to get for summer 2019.

Espadrille Sandals

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These flatform sandals are the most fashionable pair of sandals that I NEED this summer. They are sold at Target and come in blue, blush, black, cognac, and yellow. These sandals are perfect for a cute summer date, or trip to the beach. Reviews say they are incredibly comfortable. If you are short like me, they also give you a two inch lift.


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With a few beach trips planned, one of the top items on my list are swimming suits. This burnt orange bikini is part of Forever 21's summer swim collection. There is a large variety of bikini's and one piece's for suntanning on the beach, and they are all sure to be picture perfect.

Sleek Black Romper

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This romper is one that you can dress up or dress down. It is the perfect outfit for any occasion. You can find this romper HERE at Express. This particular romper come in both black and burgundy, but there are many other styles and patterns available at Express.

Blush Duvet Comforter

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Urban Outfitter's has the best selection of home decor and bedding, including this Duvet Cover. There are 9 different color choices for this particular comforter, and many other styles that you can choose from. They also have a wide variety of decor perfect for decorating your new apartment.

Colorblock Jeans

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New trend alert: Colorblock jeans. The dark wash material met with a light wash stripe allows these jeans to match with almost anything. Patterned jeans make the top of my summer wish list, to compliment my fun and bubbly personality. Dynamite has the most stylish and comfy jeans, which will last forever.

Floral Tube Top

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From American Eagle, the new fashion trend from the summer is the tube top. Coming back from 70s, today's tube tops are extremely popular summer items. They are sleek and stylish, and a great item to wear to the beach.

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