4 Summer Shoes You Can Wear To The Office

4 Summer Shoes You Can Wear To The Office

Because some of us still have to work.

Whether you’re full-on adulting or just interning for the summer, it's not unheard of for you to have to adapt to a dress code. I know its a rude wake-up call from flip-flops and sneakers, but the good news is that even business casual/formal environments have relaxed a lot in most recent years.

So don’t buy a new ‘shoedrobe’ yet—it’s probable you have similar shoes to the ones below in your closet. Below are four types of shoes you can actually get away with wearing to the office this summer.

1. Simple Flats.

Women's Grandeur Huarache Flat- $39.99- Famous Footwear

Flats are generally comfortable and stylish. They also come in handy especially if you're on your feet a lot during the day. Flats are also great for busy mornings when you need a quick shoe to hurry out the door. What we love about these shoes is the wicker-pattern throughout that makes them unique. They're brown, so that means this shoe can be worn with most colors. This shoe, in particular, has grip soles which can be handy for temporary aide if you run into slippery/wet weather on the way to work.

2. The Kitten Heel Sandal.

East 5th's Oyster Women's Flat Sandals- $19- JCPenney

Although you're giving open toe and open heel with a shoe like this, you're also getting a little bit of height, which is a "professional shoe" trait. The sturdy band that holds the toe thong also covers the skin of the foot. A shoe like this is best worn in a business casual environment with pants, capris or a long dress.

3. The Strappy Heel.

Taylor Natural Suede Ankle Strap Heels- $31- LuLu's

This heel is for the classic gal who wants to dress it up a bit. The strappy sandal can be worn with almost any outfit, from wide leg pants too short skirts or jumpsuits. Strappy sandals in skin tone colors add length to your legs, making them appear longer and slimmer. These strappy heels, in particular, are made with vegan leather, so not only are you saving the animals, you're looking cute doing it.

4. The Wedge with an Edge.

So Perch Women's Wedges-$34.99- Kohl's

This high heeled wedge is perfect for a business casual or formal work environment. This shoe from Kohl's has a vented pattern at the top that allows your foot to breathe, which prevents discomfort and sweating. The shoes are padded on the inside for extra comfort, and the ankle straps at the top of the shoe will keep your foot from moving around. If your dress code requires strapped sandals, this is an adorable way to adhere to that rule.

What do your favorite work shoes look like? Let us know below!

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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Why Working With Special Populations Doesn't Make Me A Good Person

What you're missing from the bigger picture.

"What do you do?” might be one of my least favorite questions. Let me tell you why. I am currently a Registered Behavior Technician at a wonderful program (MAP) nestled in the heart of North Carolina. Usually when I tell someone what I do, their response is either an uncertain nod or a plain look of confusion. At that time, I break it down by saying, “Basically, I work with children who have autism.” Now, more times than not, the response I receive is along the lines of, “Wow, that’s so amazing of you” or my personal favorite, “Good for you. I could NEVER do that.”

I understand that working with special populations isn’t for everyone, just like being a neurosurgeon isn’t for everyone. But, working with special needs children doesn’t make me a good person, a saint, or a hero. Every time someone tells you he/she is a teacher, do you gasp and express how much you could NOT be a teacher? What about when you meet a pediatrician? These people work with children just like I do. I’m certain if you spent one day in my shoes you would see just how much you COULD do my job.

Maybe not all of the technical work, but after a day with these children you would be humbled by how much you could learn from them. After all, these children are just children. They want to be accepted just like every other child. They want to be understood and to be part of a community just like the rest of us. My job has given me the opportunity to get to know a handful of the more than 3.5 million Americans on the spectrum. I’ve gotten to know each of their personalities, their quirks, and what makes them unique. I can’t help but imagine a world where everyone gets to know these individuals as I have. A world where we accept all of those who might appear or act different from us and educate ourselves on these populations. A world where that education helps us see that they aren’t so different from us after all.

Working with individuals with special needs doesn’t make me a good person, because I do it for selfish reasons. I work with them because I don’t know what my life would be like without them. They have taught me so much and changed my life in so many ways. I get to play a small hand in these children’s lives. I get to help them learn fundamental life skills you and I take for granted.

But, I also get to leave work everyday having learned a lesson. These children have taught me to be a better version of myself and to appreciate even the smallest of things life has to offer. Each day they challenge me to laugh more, have more fun, and not take myself so seriously. They show me more love than I ever knew possible. Maybe it isn’t with their words. Maybe it’s with the smiles and giggles when we’re singing their favorite song, or the way they look at me when they finally get something they have been working so hard to learn.

The hugs, the kisses, and the moments where our two worlds collide and we finally connect; these are the moments that remind me how much these children have to offer the rest of us. If only we would take the time to let them teach us, we would be more selfless, less judgmental, and have a greater appreciation for life.

April is National Autism Awareness Month. My hope is that this month we work to spread awareness for Autism, as well as other special needs. We take this time to learn something new, to help educate others, and to stop looking at these individuals as though they need special people in their lives to help teach them and focus more on opening our minds to the things they can teach us.

Cover Image Credit: Katharine Smith

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11 Things That Changed When I Quit Working In Retail

"Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin"

As of three weeks ago, I no longer work in retail. I was very lucky to find a paying internship for the summer so with great sadness I put in my two weeks and moved on from my sales associate job title. I’ll always remember my retail experience fondly (because of my amazing co-workers and managers, customers generally suck tbh), but I have noticed some pretty interesting changes since I started my office job.

1. Missing the Group Chat

I never thought I would miss being bombarded with notifications but man do I miss the staff group chat. There’s nothing better than complaining about customers and catching up on work drama with all your co-workers.

2. Less Movement

No longer do I walk laps around a store for hours, instead I sit at my desk and stare at the computer.

3. Work-Out More

A side effect of sitting down all day is that I’m much more willing to work out now. I used to never want to go to work with sore legs because I knew how much you move around in retail. But now, being sore isn’t as inconvenient.

4. Make-up

Don’t wear it anymore. There’s no longer the pressure to have my physical appearance match up with a store’s branding. Which is awesome because I can sleep later and my skin is happier.

5. Weekends

I get full weekends off now and its amazing! No more weekend crowds and more pool time for me.

6. Free Time

Yet even with weekends off, I have a lot less free time during the day. Working standard hours instead of retail shifts has been an adjustment but hey, I’ll get used to it.

7. Customer Service Voice

My awful, high pitched retail voice is gone for good. Plus I no longer have to interact with strangers constantly which is a plus.

8. Defender of Retail Workers

Another side-effect of not having to be nice to people to keep my job is that I can now call people out for being rude to retail workers. Something I could never do when I was one. I may have moved on but I still have your back.

9. No More Holiday Dread

I could finally enjoy Memorial Day this year instead of dreading it. In the retail world, holidays mean tons of customers and extra-long shifts. But in office job world, I got a three day weekend.

10. Less Socialization

I sit in my cubicle all day so I don’t really talk to my co-workers as often as I did on the sales floor. Plus since I’m an intern there’s not as many people my age in the office.

11. Goodbye Discount

Unfortunately there’s no employee discounts at an office job. Which is probably good for my wallet but I’m still sad about it.

Cover Image Credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/business-chair-coffee-computer-265072/

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