10 Self-Care Necessities Before You Start Your Fall Semester
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10 Self-Care Necessities Before You Start Your Fall Semester

Whether you're happy about it or not, next semester is right around the corner, and what better way to pretend like summer will never end than to pamper yourself and relax?


The summer can be boring and between the hot days and the looming future of another semester, we can all get stuck in a funk. Have no fear! These are some tips to make sure that you're taking care of yourself and having a good time.

Take a full day to treat yourself


Dig through your bags to find some nail polish (as well as the cuticle oil, filer, nail polish remover, cotton balls, and any other gadgets you've surely hidden in your room somewhere), get that Lush lip scrub you've been dying to reuse since you got it a year ago, get a few face masks and some lily scented lotion and treat yourself! Nothing will make you feel more on top of your game and ready to conquer the world than a nice indoor spa day for yourself to be a queen, and it will give you a glamorous glow before the season of 8 am classes and pajama runs begin again.

Do something you love (or try something new!)


Whether it's reading a book, knitting, drawing, watching TV, having a game night with family, or a night out with friends, do something that makes you happy. Find a good balance between time for yourself to relax and recharge, but also find some time to include your buddies on things you love to do. Maybe you've been writing poetry and want to share some of it with them, or you've spent the summer learning to roller skate and want to spend the day rollerskating in your local park with some friends, it can be nice to keep yourself active and doing things you enjoy.

Meet up with your friends from home


You know that you're going to miss them once you get back on campus, and truly, what would you do without them? Text that group chat that's been on and off between check-ins and anecdotal stories about dorm halls for months, or interrupt the meme war to plan a get-together. Go bowling, hiking, thrifting, or even partying – as long as you have fun and let yourself relax, you'll feel much more prepared to face the next semester knowing you've spent some time with people who have truly missed you.

Get prepared before the semester starts


You'll thank me later. Plan ahead; get your planner together, check what books you need for your classes, make sure you have a game plan for move-in day and try to get a head start before the stress kicks in and you want to do nothing but binge eat Fritos and watch the new season of OITNB (if you haven't already).

Binge watch that cool looking T.V. show stuck on your netflix list


Speaking of T.V. shows, we all have at least three shows we consider watching but decline to because we'd rather rewatch the first season of "Stranger Things" or rewatch TVD all over again. It's normal and frankly, when I finish one show, moving on feels like cheating, but I challenge you to spend this precious time getting into all of all those critically acclaimed shows with really interesting blurbs, or even catching up on a show that you stopped watching three seasons ago. You can also ask friends what they've been watching lately and catch up on all the twists and turns of the latest season, making for a great café chat or FaceTime discussion!

But also, seriously, go outside and try something new


You don't have to go sky-diving or do anything out of your comfort zone, but even if it means trying a new food at one of your favorite restaurants, asking a friend to try something they're good at or even if it means trying one of the hundreds of DIY crafts and ideas on Pinterest (my home), it will be an experience to remember and something you can either look back at and laugh about, or be super proud of! This summer I went to my first rodeo in P.A., and it was something I won't forget any time soon. I may be sentimental, but new experiences – especially with those you love – will always make your summer more memorable and keep you happy for the boring summer days!

Make yourself an upbeat summer playlist


You know it will make you feel better. Whether you're jammin' in your car heading on a road trip to nowhere, or you're laying in bed staring at the ceiling wondering about the world, this playlist will be your best friend for the summer (and for when you're feeling peppy in school). Add the songs that just came out from your favorite artists or old bops that really get you moving, but regardless, find songs that will make you feel like the sun will never set and the future will never catch up with you!

Make a gratitude list or a goal list


It sounds cheesy, but make a list of things that you're grateful for. It can be the simplest things, and you can write one thing down every day, but it will help you appreciate just how many things that you have in your life and show you what you should be focusing on during the summer! A good alternative or next step to this is to begin writing a goal list – what do you want to do to finish the summer strong? How do you want to shape your next semester? Make actionable goals that you can take, even if they're small, to set yourself up for success!

Do something nice/fun with family


Your family misses you! Do something with them to show them that you care and that you've missed them too – they've been there through thick and thin and sometimes they know the best ways to make you laugh. Try going to an amusement park with them or have a fun beach day, but find time to get together and be there for each other.

Revamp your style


You may not think it, but revamping your closet or the aesthetic of your Instagram feed/dorm room could actually give you something to focus on and look forward to. Thinking outside the box and looking for ways to take old items in your room and turn them into bookends or cool decorations sounds like it may be boring, but it's actually a fun way to challenge your brain, try something new and get ready for your next semester.

In reality, the best form of self-care, especially during the summer, can be finding time to give to yourself after a stressful year and it's a great chunk of time you can take to organize your life and find ways to make yourself happy – a number one priority always. Do things that will bring a smile to your face, and if there are a few things on this list to help, do them!

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