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Here I was, scrolling through Pinterest for summer outfits and I realized that summer is essentially here. June's started and I'm behind the game, we're already halfway through the year. Its time to reign in the warm. It's wild that so much time has passed already. I remember just the other day people were hiding out Easter eggs.

Alas, summer is upon us and I'm still hanging out in my flannel. Not cool, in every sense of the word. Which brings me back to Scrolling through Pinterest, the summer outfit ideas gave me a lot to consider. There's so much coming up, from what to wear to concerts, festivals, maybe a casual beach date?

So it got me thinking, about which outfit ideas would be perfect for summer vibes? I'd say anything's game and it depends on what's comfortable for you. However, I'm more drawn towards casual summer outfits and effortless warm weather looks.

I like my clothes to be easy-on, easy-off, without sacrificing taste. Because it can get extremely hot in the summer and I don't like to feel confined by what I wear. That being said, I have noticed some cute summer look ideas with trends that are worth exploring.

Linen Shorts

When it comes to cute beach outfits or a foolproof look for a summer beach party, linen Shorts are worth keeping in your closet. They are lightweight and have a classy finish that can easily be dressed up or down. I've been seeing a lot of different styles lately but my favorites are the ones that tighten with a good size bow. It adds an extra accent without having to put on a belt. I'm all for ease of use.

Uneven Bars

Chunky, uneven bars in bold, bright colors are great for statement pieces and versatile items. A bold shawl can work with a cute beach outfit during the day and transition well into a summer concert outfit the same night.

I'm all about versatile pieces because I'm trying to take a minimalist approach when it comes to clothing. This isn't a full-fledged environmentally conscious effort but maybe just a step in the right direction? It also gives me an excuse to invest in quality items.

Bright Bottoms

I remember a few years back neon jeans were everywhere. Hot pink, highlighter yellow, and green pants were on everybody. This year I see that it's more toned down. There's still bright colors but more natural and earth tones.

Also even though I was talking smack before, I had one of those highlighter yellow pants but recently I've traded them in for some yellow jeans. A pair that I can't wait to wear as often as I can this summer. Yellow is my superpower and I'll let it shine all summer long.

Ruffled Pastels

Loose, elegant ruffles are a trend that I'm loving. Ruffles have always been prominent in some form in fashion but it's not just for those married to the boho look. A loose ruffle on shirts or dresses can be a great accent on a simple look.

Also, pastels look Sophisticated and wear well with most colors, making outfit choices a breeze. All that translates into spending more time enjoying summer nights at the beach.

Colorful Florals

Florals can be tough, how do you express appreciation for them without going full Margaritaville? Well, I'd say lean in, yes find a big bright print in a flat/uniform background. I'd also make sure they contrast well, for example having them spread on a bright or dark background.

I'd stay away from confusing patterns. Like I said lean into it, the clothes should say "bright ass flowers" not "confused jungle scene". Although these are just my two cents, truthfully if I had my way I'd be naked all season long.

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