Summer Job Hunting

Every summer, many of us are faced with a great number of challenges. One of those, for many of us, is finding a job, or jobs. The following is "SUMMER JOBS AS TOLD BY GIFS!" Hopefully somebody will find solace, joy, and maybe some laughter, to lighten up what is, by all accounts, sometimes utterly frustrating!

SUMMER BREAK! OHHH YES! Time to turn up, and party!

This lasts for a while (a while lasting about a week), and it feels pretty great.

But then, out of nowhere, reality hits you.

Your brain goes into crisis mode, and everything suddenly become of much greater stress than usual. Perhaps your parents decide to ask you questions to which the answers are unknown, even to you. The only appropriate reaction being:

Followed by:


Perhaps even:

All of which seem to be viable options if honesty is required...

But soon, you'll come around to realize that, hey, maybe they have a point, leaving you all:

Because, let's face it, adulting (yes, spellcheck it's a word) is HARD.

And as we listen to a song played by Chris Pine on the world's smallest violin, we circle back around to that "point" our parents, or significant other(s), or whomever, had. And suddenly, it doesn't seem as scary. It seems as if all of our lives have been leading up to this (proverbially, of course. I certainly have not been in school all of my life to get a summer job).

So, we once again pull ourselves up from our bootstraps, suit up in our battle gear, and head out the door, in search of a job.

And there will be both offers of employment, as well as those who choose to pass on your application. To those in the second category, we (the rejected) kindly offer the following:

Because in the end, the right job will emerge. And all of the time you spent worrying will seem rather foolish.

So, don't forget to enjoy the beautiful summer weather, and the free time you have while it lasts!

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