Summer is almost over and everyone is gearing up to head back to school and college. Now that the season of relaxation is over for everyone that mean its time to go back to school shopping, getting stuff for school and even shopping for stuff for your dorm room.

Knowing that school is almost here get everyone ready to head back to school and getting back into a routine every day with going to class working on homework. Getting all of that packing done and loading up the car to head back to school that means it's time to learn and time to be serious.

You know when summer is over when you have to pack up your room, move and set up everything in your dorm room. The sad thing about summer being over is not seeing any of your friends and family until you can come home the first long weekend that college will have for the kids.The thing that I like summer is being over is that I get to see all of my friends from school that I haven't seen since May.

The best feeling is packing up my room and packing all of my stuff into the car the night before move in day. I like the feeling of being around my friends up at school because I haven't seen them in so long. The worst feeling in the world is having to wake up in the morning and knowing you have the first day of classes.

The only way you know that summer is over is by going to the store and getting all of your stuff for your dorm room, getting school supply and getting food and drink for your dorm room and getting ready for the school year.