Every summer feels endless, right? Well, not really once you realize you are about half way through July and summer. With that end date looming in the not so far future, it's hard not to feel like time has flown by with little to show for it. So if you are feeling this way, here are 14 thoughts you may have had once your realized that your summer freedom is halfway done.

1. How is it already July?!?

2. Wasn’t it just May? I feel like June didn’t even happen!

3. I had so many plans and goals for this summer

4. What have I actually accomplished?

5. Maybe I should start on that summer body now…

6. I’m not ready to even think about doing homework again yet

7. But does this mean I can start using the excuse “it’s for school” when I buy things?

8. I feel like I don’t have time to do anything now

9. Why do I feel like the only thing I do is work?

10. Oh yeah, because that is the only thing I do a majority of the time

11. I should probably do something else so I can tell everyone something a little more interesting when they ask how my summer was

12. How many more times can I go to the beach?!?

13. I need to get all the sun I can because soon I’ll be confined to a classroom for a majority of my day

14. At least I still have another month and a half limited responsibility!