The summer is approaching and I can't help but feel a little sad. Sure its warm, but we are losing the spirit of winter. I would rather be hot than cold because let's face it: you can snuggle up in a blanket to get warm but you can't take your skin off to get cold.

Here's what everybody who loves winter feels like in the summer, as told by "The Office."

1. The warmth kills

Walking anywhere and doing anything is almost impossible when it is 90 degrees and your skin is basically melting off. And for all the pale people (including me) getting a sunburn is inevitable. I would rather be snuggled up in a blanket eating some food tbh.

2. Where are the holidays?

Christmas and Thanksgiving are honestly the best. Everyone gets excited to go home, eat a crap ton, and see friends and family. Not to mention all the pretty decorations and excuses to go shopping (even though shopping kinda sucks). You don't get this over the summer I guess there are vacations, but who has the money and time for that?

3. Literally more work

Doesn't it suck when you end school and you immediately have to do more work? For most of us leaving college means going to more classes (if you are like me and decide to switch your major) or you have to work 5 days a week to have money for the semester. This doesn't really seem like a vacation to me.

4. You have to get fit

This is the one thing winter is great for. Eating what you want. During the winter you can just hide your blubber from Christmas dinner under a big coat and you never have to wear shorts. But, during the summer in order to look good in that bathing suit all you can eat is kale and like berries. Not to mention having to go to the gym. Uggh its the worst.

5. You miss your friends

Even though you get to go home and hang with your old crew, it isn't the same without your college party group. I will miss knowing every Friday we can just hang and forget about what we need to so next week and all the tests we may or may not have failed. I mean I guess you won't freeze your butt off walking in the cold.

6. It gets kind of boring

Being away from school and organizations can get kinda lame. Last summer I'm pretty sure I just slept till 4 p.m. and then went to work. Finding stuff to do every day except for watching Netflix is a little bit of a struggle and unlike the shorter winter break, you are stuck with your family and potentially driving your siblings around and getting them food for entertainment. Good luck with that.