When the sunlight trickles through the cracks,
when the air is warm and heavy –
in this time she will be persistent,
for she knows of a hope consistent.
Cool nights and foggy mornings
And fond faces are her memories,
And even now it surely seems
Like every moment was a dream.
But she is grateful for this breath

for this day that is new,
and though different than days before,
her mind retreats to all in store.
With everything inside her,
with a strength that is above her,
she will live this season daily broken,
renewed by grace in words unspoken.
But she knows the truth,
that the days of June are fleeting,
and love will find its place here,
in her laugh and in her tears.
And even if her feet may falter,
One small step is progress,
And a sunrise soon, things will be better –
This in-between is not forever.