Summer DIY's
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Summer DIY's

Cheap and easy projects for you to take on this summer!

Summer DIY's

My apartment and wardrobe have needed a bit of love lately and since I am a broke college student with a little bit of free time on my hands now that it is summer, I thought it would be a good idea to do a few DIY projects. I have searched through both Youtube and Pinterest looking for the cheapest and most successful DIY's for you to experiment with this summer. Here a just a few wonderful ideas for you to try out. Each is rather unique and is easy to do on a college budget. I hope you enjoy watching and trying them out!

1. Leather Strap Shelves

I have recently stumbled across The Sorry Girls on Youtube. Their posts tend to include fun and easy things to make for your apartment. This is one of their ideas that is on my must do list for this summer.

2. Side Table

This super trendy marble and rose gold side table is cheap, easy, and fun to make. Although this is a older video, I still think this is a great piece for any living space.

3. Bralette

Picking on The Sorry Girls one more time! This super cute bralette is crazy cute and super easy to create! Although it does take basic sewing, hand sewing can suffice and few supplies are needed to get the job done. The video even includes the pattern needed to complete the job!

4. Accessories

Oh so cute and oh so fashionable! These looks are to die for and I cannot wait to try them out! This video gives you four different looks that can be worn next fall or even through the summer. Give them a try!

5. Cute Clay Planters

Although these seem like a bit of a challenge to me, they look really cute and they would work perfect in any space. I am hoping to place a few on my patio and in my living room.

6. Bath Bombs

So these don't really fit into the fashion or apartment category, but they are a great way to relax after a long school day or a long day filled with fun DIY's. I think they look super good and fun so I can't wait to try these out!

7. Hanging Chair

These are super cute to add to a bedroom space or a patio. This one looks relatively easy and it'll save you a ton of money if you choose to do this really fun project. I have found a lot of different ways to create a hanging chair, but this one seemed like the easiest!

I know that many of us in college tend to rent our apartment or house, therefore we are restricted when it comes to decorating our space! But these little DIY's are a great way to spice up any room while staying on a budget. I hope that you give a few of these a try and check out more videos by the bloggers posted above. Happy DIYing!

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