13 Feelings You Have When Those Dreadful Summer Classes Begin

Summer classes are not a joke. I transferred to UCF last fall and because of that I am behind on a few classes, so I decided to take summer classes in order to stay on track. Now I am sadly taking summer classes Monday through Friday and working full time. It is only three classes but it seriously feels like five. I am sure anyone who has taken classes during the summer can relate, so here are summer classes... as told by Friends.

1. When you start the first day of class and you ask yourself why you decided to take summer classes.

This is exactly how I felt all last week after seeing all the syllabi and the work that is done.

2. Everyone went back home for summer except you, but at least you can find parking now.

All my roommates left last weekend and I was so excited to have the place to myself. My excitement ended after two days when I was bored and no one was in town. Although, I still prefer campus during the summer because fewer people make it easier to get around.

3. This is a message to the teachers, especially when they hold the class over.

In my four hour class this past week my teacher held our class over because she was not finished teaching. I had to have enough self-control to not walk out.

4. Convincing your friends not to drop out of their summer classes so you can suffer together.

I got a call the first day of class from my friend asking me if she should drop the class that we signed up together for. Good thing I convinced her to not drop it, it is the easiest class we are taking this summer.

5. Summer Mondays are worse than regular Mondays, particularly when you have class.

This is how I feel when I need to wake up early four days a week, especially after a long weekend.

6. When you might have to miss your family vacation.

I just realized I have my family vacation coming up but I have a test the same day. My teacher will not let me take it another day and I might sadly have to miss half of my vacation.

7. When your teacher is very enthusiastic about the subject but you're not feeling it.

I enjoy most of my classes for the most part. But during the summer I would rather be at the beach sleeping. My teachers have way too much energy. This week my teacher was trying to show us what "running laps," meant and started running around the entire classroom.

8. There will be many much needed nights like these.

I already have a few girls nights planned. It is the best to have a game night or movie night with some close friends, hopefully, they can relate and are taking summer classes.

9. Feeling bad for skipping class but happy you went to the beach.

Slightly worried about skipping class in the summer but doing it anyway. If you are going to skip, you might as well make a nice day out of it instead of staying home.

10. When your teacher assigns a last minute project but you had planned a vacation.

I am going out of town this weekend and my teacher assigned three assignments due Monday. I have no idea how I am going to finish them all.

11. When you and your friend realize you were put into the same group.

The only good thing about group projects is when the teachers pair you with your friends.

12. When you are failing from not studying and your GPA suffers.

When you feel "sorry" for your GPA but know it was your fault, to begin with. Try not to let your GPA fall this summer, summer classes are not meant for everybody.

13. When you pass all the classes at the end of the semester.

"It is the way of giving the finger without actually having to give it."

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