It's time to store your Ugg boots and winter coats and pull out your summer gear because the sun is shining a little brighter this month. Summer vacation is right around the corner and here are the things you need to make sure you rock under the sun in style.

Get a head start on your summer glow!



For all those northern pale skin ladies or gentlemen looking for a quick summer glow, this self tanner is a MUST. I know that it takes me some time to catch up on my summer skin and it takes a couple days of sun soaking, but this product gives you the instant tan. This moose is super easy to apply, takes up to an hour to give you days of color, and has a smooth finish. I know that self tanners can scare people in fear of look orange, but I swear by this product!

Beach Care

Pacifica Salty Waves Beach Hair Balm | Ulta Beauty

In the summer, I am either too lazy to do my hair and love to rock the natural beach wave. If you are unable to live the ocean life everyday, products can enhance the look giving you this beach wave look. This can look great day to day or even dress it up with a cute summer dress pulled up with a couple loose curls.


Summer Chic

Kick back in cute kicks