Summer Hair Trends
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Summer Hair Trends

16 Of The Hottest Trends To Show Off This Summer.

Summer Hair Trends

Summer is in full swing and as the days get hotter, so is the hair! Summer hair trends are the best of both worlds. They are everything you loved form 2016 and the frontier for 2017. The locks you rock this summer set the stage for the rest of the year. I have catalogued the very best summer hair trends of this year.

16. The Half-Bun The hair style goes by many names and is the perfect hairstyle for those summer hang outs with friends. Its the perfect in-between for those days where you woke up late but need a hair style that is more than causal. The brave have been rocking this look awhile but it is starting to become a common look no longer revered for those hipster girls.

15. The Tortoiseshell Hair Color

This hair color trend can be done very subtle or very dynamic but either way its dynamite. It is a very warm selection with three colors blending through out. It is low maintenance and very pleasing to the eye. I think this trend will blend its way into the fall as well.

14. Colored Under-lights

Coloring your hair a un-natural color is every girl’s rebellious dream, and with these under-lights, dreams do come true. You have your blue hair and still go to work everyday. the color is easy to hide and fun to show off when the time is right.

13. Rose Gold

This color isn't just for iPhones anymore. It is delicate and pretty. Rock this color on the beach or at your friend's wedding, either way you will be H-O-T!

12. Tiger Eye

This trend is subtle but sexy. Any girl rocking a blend of warm and neutral tones with caramel highlights well be sure to turn heads. Tigers eye is known for the best browns and golds which are perfect for the summer sun.

11. Ronze

This color is the perfect blend of red and bronze. This color will take everything to the next level. It looks great on warm to golden skin tones. This color will be on full display in the fall so be the first in line.

10. Contouring

Yep! No longer are the day where contouring was just a makeup term. Now you can customize and face frame highlights to enhance your features.

9. Double Buns

This is my personal favorite trend of the summer. It hit big during Coachella and has been popping up ever sense. It is easy to do and fun to wear. The trend is also known as Space Buns.

8. Dutch Braids

I see Dutch Braids every time I go out. They are everywhere and I don't blame girls for wearing them all the time. They are easy and cute. I don't see them going away any time soon.

7. Mini-Pony

I was not a huge fan of the trend at first, but after trying it I am hooked. I wear this mini-pony once a week. It is the perfect combo of casual and formal. It also makes your hair look longer, which is always a plus!

6. Braid Faux Hawk

This style is a little on the wild side and perfect for a night out with the girls. The best part is how easy it is to do. This is a go to for me when I am short on time. I credit Game of Thrones for the increase in braids this year.

5. Granny Hair

While every one else is going boring old blonde, take you hair to the next level and go grey. This color is fierce and absolutely flawless. Only the brave go grey, those who are afraid sit back and envy them.

4. Undercuts

Shaving the side of your head is so yesterday, this summer girls are going under. Shaving epic design to the under half of your hair is the coolest cut around.

3. Petal Braid

I am not sure I like the trend over the age of 12, but i have seen it non-stop on Instagram, so I guess I will learn to love it. It seems easy enough and makes a great formal up-do.

2. Blonde Balayage

Going blonde in the summer is nothing new but this year the balayage is stealing the show. It is a blend of colors and a slow mix of warm and light colors to make the perfect locks. I think this trend will stick around long past the summer heat.

2. The Pull-Through Braid

This braid works best if you have a lot of hair. It is simple yet pretty. Wear this to yoga or on a easy summer day on the town.

1. Oil Slick Hair Color

Color is always a fun summer trend, but with oil slick it is elegant and subtle. This style really shines outdoors and is perfect to show off at the beach. A beautiful blend of complimentary colors that create a work of art in your hair.

Whatever you choose to do to you hair the is summer, remember the best thing a girl can wear is confidence. Wear your hair with pride and you will be setting trends of your own that will beat the summer heat and carry you all the way into fall.

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