To The Summer C Student Who's Losing Hope, Keep Going You're Almost There

Ah, Summer C.

It is all the joy of the short-lived vacation and fast-paced work schedule of Summer A mixed with the exhaustion and "am I still doing this" of Summer B. If you go to a college at UF, like I do, it is a never-ending strand of walking to class sweating and asking if it is really worth it to go through 100 degree heat for an education. Summer C is the bane of many students' existences, but I am here to say: there is a ray of hope.

Summer C is almost over.

Actually, it is over halfway over, which means only a few more weeks until freedom. There are only a few more weeks before a fresh start in the Fall when all of your friends will return and activities will supplement your daily grind of work. There are only a few more days until you can kiss your summer hermit routine for fun on football weekends and nights out dancing at clubs.

I know, I know. It's really hard to envision it all when it is so far off. There are still plenty of exams and projects left to complete, and the beat of classes still will go on. But hey, you have made it this far! You have survived the struggle of adjusting to a new schedule, and you are bound to kill the game coming into the second half! Freshman entering campus will be in awe of how you seemingly know how to navigate college so well. While they will be scrambling in the summer rains, you will be driving by them in the bus like a champ with your head held high.

You have a lot to be proud of, and I promise you that, while it may seem bleak now, your journey through Summer C is almost over. Put on your rain boots, continue your hike to class, and keep on pursuing your academic dreams. Keep your sights on the fall, everyone!

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