40 Ideas For Your Summer Bucketlist
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40 Ideas For Your Summer Bucketlist

There's no better feeling than checking one off.

40 Ideas For Your Summer Bucketlist

With summer right around the corner, it's hard to stay in the school mindset. Class has become shopping online for your summer wardrobe, or maybe just scrolling through Pinterest looking at dope summer boards. Nonetheless, as the days keep getting warmer, that summer itch just gets stronger. You can't stop thinking about the million different things you're going to do, or the friends that you'll finally get to see.

Now, if you're anything like me, you've started making a summer bucket list, of everything to do over the incredible summer months. If you haven't, get started immediately! Having a bucket list will encourage you to do more; you'll truly have a more fulfilling summer. So whether your list is almost finished, or you've only just begun, here's 40 things from mine to kickstart the best summer yet!

1. Go camping.

2. Swing from a rope into a lake.

3. Go to the aquarium.

4. Roadtrip with friends.

5. Beach bonfire.

6. Write a book of poetry.

7. Watch the sunrise and sunset.

8. Go skinny dipping.

9. Try a new haircut.

10. Host a bbq/pool party.

11. Lay out on a hammock all day.

12. Find someone who owns a yacht and invite yourself to one of their parties.

13. Participate in a hotdog eating contest.

14. See a drive-in movie.

15. Do a helicopter tour.

16. Go to a music festival.

17. Make breakfast in bed.

18. Get a massage.

19. Go hiking.

20. Spend ALL day at the beach.

21. Bike down the lake.

22. See a play.

23. Go to a fancy brunch.

24. Travel somewhere spontaneous.

25. Get a pet.

26. Go zip lining.

27. Go on a cruise.

28. Snorkel.

29. Do more yoga.

30. Learn more ukulele songs.

31. Stargaze.

32. Buy and lay in a hammock.

33. Do a backflip.

34. Watch a movie every week.

35. Try more exotic foods.

36. Finish a crossword.

37. Morning runs on the beach.

38. Treat yourself to a massage.

39. Try geocaching.

40. Commit to 24 hours of silence.

This last one is my favorite. Something about devoting an entire day to inward thinking intrigues me. Who knows what thoughts I might think, or what adventures I could concoct.

I encourage you to print out this bucket list or start creating one of your own. I have never made one and am stoked to give it a try!

Share it with friends, family or anyone you can think of; summers are more fun when they are spent with those you hold close!

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