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An End Of Summer Checklist

Everything you need to do before the leaves start falling.

An End Of Summer Checklist

August is coming to an end, and that means summer is too! Heading back to school is our main focus right now, but let's not forget to take advantage of the little bit of Summer we have left. So, what should you make time for around your busy schedule of working your final hours at your summer job? See below :)

1. Beach Trip.
Did you make it to the beach this summer? Even if you just head down to the beach on the closest lake to you, a summer beach trip is a must. You need that final chance to spend a day soaking up the sun, enjoying the sand and water because we will have snow soon! If you have made it to the beach already, who cares, go again! You probably want to clean up some of your tan lines before you're to busy to get outside!

2. Spend Time with your Hometown Friends.
It's hard to get everyone together. The summer has been spent trying to make plans! But everyone's actually going to be leaving soon. Now is the time to sacrifice working a double so that you can have a final bonfire for everyone.

3. Request your Favorite Home-Cooked Meal.
You are about to go a few months without Mom's chicken pot pie. Now is the time to BEG for her to make your favorite meal. Not everything can be mailed to you.

4. Finish all of your Pinterest Crafts.
All of those dorm decorations you've been working on (or that are pinned in your to do board) need to be wrapped up! You can't leave all your hard work unfinished or your room undecorated.

5. Love your Summer Clothes
You know that tank top you bought in May that you haven't worn yet? Well, it's time! You only have a little longer to wear all your cute summer clothes without having to layer up with all your almost as cute scarves and jackets.

6. Enjoy the Seasonal Snacks and Drinks.
We all love the pumpkin spice everything that comes out in the fall, but don't forget about all the yummy summer treats there are as well. Special frozen lemonades and my personal favorite Tim Hortons frozen hot chocolate. Nothing beats this tasty drink on a hot day.

7. Spend Time with Those People you Call Family.
It seems silly, you've been with your family more than you are at school, yet think about how much you've actually done with them. Summer is crazy and hectic so you may have missed the yearly family reunion or your great uncles birthday party. Now is your chance to make it to whatever family picnic or labor day celebration they're all having. Even if you have to take a day off of work, it's worth it! Otherwise, you'll be sad you missed out on one last summer event once you get back to school.

While this list could go on and on, these are a few things you may forget about in the hectic rush of shopping, packing and working! Remember it is summer vacation, and you should make time for yourself and the people you enjoy being around. Use this checklist or add to it to fit what you still want to do before the fall semester hits!

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