College is going to be over for most of us within the past few weeks. It’s already done for me. I’m happy over the break since this semester was crazy for me. Every college student loves summer break since it means time to relax and kick back. Say bye to finals and homework for 4 months or less. Say bye to late night study breaks in the library, and eating at the restaurants in around school. No more deadlines, and teachers with boring lectures. Time to watch Netflix and play video games. Say hi to spending time catching up on fun reading, and binge eating. Some work during the summer so there is just one thing to do now. Work and relax in between. No more dealing with crowded lecture halls, and sharing bathrooms with people who don’t know how to clean up after themselves. No more having to fight over parking spaces, and no more going to class and waiting for it to begin. Summer is awesome. For some students it’s back home, and for commuters it means no more commuting to college. A break to rest from long days, and endless assignments with boring lectures.

Another semester down and one more for me. Then I leave VCU in December. My degree in hand which means this is my last summer in college. Time to relax and just work. Everyone needs a break. College while working is not for everyone since it feels like two jobs in one. It also means no more assignments due, and nothing to worry about except for anxiously checking degree works to look out for final grades. Last summer I learned I had to be behind another semester thanks to a D. The following one I’ve pulled my grades up, and it’s looking like a stress free summer just working. Time off is going to be weird since working and going to school made me have a schedule. Now the schedule is mine in between work.

I hope every college student enjoys time off, and uses it to catch up on sleep, television shows, and binge eating. Summers are good to relax, and just focus on one thing instead of several. Time to relax and kick back since the fall will be my last!