Fashion is ever-changing and these are a few of my favorite summer 2019 trends!

Chunky Sneakers

- Filas, Nike, Adidas, Shein, Calvin Klein all have great options for this summer trend!

My outfit recommendations:

- filas + biker shorts + oversized tees

- nikes + leggings + your fave crop tee

- romper + tee + chunky sneakers

Cheetah Print

Possibly one the hottest trends!

My favorite looks include:

- long cheetah skirt + black tee/tank + sneakers

- cheetah tank + black vintage shorts + flatforms

- cheetah shoes + black tank + black shorts

- or of course your fave cheetah bikini for the pool or beach!

Platform Tevas

These cute and comfy shoes have been hot and trendy for a while

but here are some of my favorite summer looks:

- white tee + vintage shorts + tevas

- sundress + a bold lip + tevas

- ripped jeans + crop tank + tevas

Biker Shorts

This is a suuppperrr popular street style look!

My outfit recommendations:

- crop top + biker shorts + oversized jacket + sneakers

- oversized white tee + camo biker shorts + white filas

- black crop + cheetah biker shorts + black platform sneakers

Crops with Vintage Denim

It's been hot, it's only going to be hotter in the summer!

My fave looks:

- black furry crop + light highwaisted denim + cheetah shoes + denim jacket

- red and white crop tank + loose vintage shorts + white flatforms

- white tube top + "butt rip" shorts (this trend is also super popular, not as obsessed with it as I am others!) + white chunky filas