6 Fashions Trends For Summer 2019

We have all had it with this sad, dreary winter. Having to bundle up and dress more for warmth rather than for ourselves. It is all about to change this summer season. Many of these summers fashion trends that were shown on the runways this year have got me sprinting to finish up the school year and race to the finish for summer!

1. Neon colors

They are back and bolder than ever! Bye-bye to the sad, dull color of gray and say hello to the neon rainbow headed our way. Neon colors made their last debut in my closet in middle school — I feel so old — but they are showing up better than the 2010 edition. Neon pink and green are really becoming staples, which any person can pull off. Even if you are not the one that dresses to follow trends, this is one you can easily jump on the bandwagon and take it anywhere.

2. Pleats

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Whoever said pleats were outdated was sadly mistaken. They are being added to many dresses and skirts, giving them more of a dressed up feel. You can make dress these garments up or down — they are so versatile. With the light fabric being used, it is a perfect piece to have when it is just too unbearable to wear pants. Perfect for any graduation parties, weddings, or even backyard barbecues you have planned this summer.

3. Ruffles

Searching online for new fashion trends this summer you can see that ruffles are everywhere. Sleeves and collars of tops have ruffles, it just adds a bit of playfulness and girliness without being overwhelming. Seeing it added to business wear makes getting dressed for work go from drab to fab! Even if you're not the girliest girl they have other options of ruffles that do not make you feel like you're ready to dance a Spanish flamenco. There is definitely enough ruffle to go around.

4. Paper bag pants

While we did see these start to come to trend last summer, I feel as though they will be more of a trend this summer. They are a great way to add some dimension to your body. Adding the extra detail fabric can hide problem areas for some people, making you seem smaller in the waist. The added detail also allows for the shorties out there to fake having long legs since the pants come up higher, giving the illusion of longer legs. What a nice touch!

5. Unconventional materials

Lace and mesh fabrics as tops and skirts without a layer of lining! I know scandalous but also AMAZING. Pieces made out of these materials have a built-in airflow system, so you never get too hot while enjoying any summer adventure. Plus, it allows you to be creative with what you choose to layer underneath of it. If you are more conservative you have all the power to cover up. If you want to be more rebellious go for it and just wear a bralette. Wahoo! Again with these fabrics being so versatile, you can dress them up or down no matter the occasion.

6. Bell sleeves

Bell sleeves made a break-through this fall that they are sticking it out for another season. This means you don't have to ditch some of the trends this past cold season. Keep this piece in your closet, do not get rid of it just yet because it is back for more! Just like ruffles, they add that girly touch to any top. They are flowy and breezy that I feel will make everyone have this staple in their closets this summer. The best part is the sleeve won't get bunched up under a jacket this time — (hello it's summer) no need for a jacket!

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