Sue Heck's Advice for College

"The Middle" is one of the most true to life shows I have ever watched. It compasses family life, friendships, relationships, and so much more.

Sue, the teenage daughter, is the perfect example of all of our most embarrassing moments, but she wears her confidence boldly and doesn't allow her awkwardness to bring her down.

In honor of that confidence, here are five times Sue Heck was honestly all of us in our college experience.


Sometimes, things in life come out of no where. These can be literal stumbling blocks like a crack in the sidewalk or a curb (or a crutch), but more often than not, they are life challenges. We are blind sighted by difficulty and confusion.Like Sue, we fall flat on our face, not really knowing where to go next. But Sue always rises. She dusts herself off and keeps going. She is not always sure of the path, but she never lets anything keep her down.


Sue runs full force into new situations. This doesn't always go well. Sometimes she jumps too hard, and things don't go as planned. Take Sue's lead and go full force into this new time of your life, but be prepared. Pray about it, and make sure you are prepared.


Relationships are hard. Things we plan out in our heads rarely go as we had planned them. Keep your cool in these situations. Don't freak out when you make something awkward; we are all a little awkward. Grant yourself grace and move on. You will not be best friends with every person you meet, and that is okay. Those who are meant to be in your life will love you through your awkwardness.


Here's another example of relationships being hard. Sometimes, you think you have built trust, then when you jump we realize it has not been genuine. Take a deep breath. It will be okay. People will fail us continually, but we have to search for the good. Don't allow one situation to define a person for you. At the same time, you need to allow plenty of time and space for trust to be built. Don't just jump into it.


Be so incredibly you. Don't shy away from being yourself. Sue has no shame. Just go with it. Having confidence will never be a bad thing.

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