15 Signs You're Becoming An Adult
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Student Life

15 Signs You're Becoming An Adult

Apparently you can't stay 15 forever?

15 Signs You're Becoming An Adult
Dump a Day

Someone once told me that the summer between Sophomore and Junior year is when you suddenly get your life together, something just clicks.

You're miraculously transformed from a crazed child running up and down greek row to a semi-functioning almost technically full fledged adult.

There are 15 tell-tale signs that your youth is basically behind you (save for the two more years of college you have) and adulthood is in view.

1. You're working a 9-5 job.

Job is a relative term, mostly meaning "a 9-5 unpaid internship" but it still counts.

2. You have a daily schedule.

This may or may not include a daily workout, depending on how together your life is

3. You know how to care for someone else.

Could be a dog, a significant other of if you're not quite there yet, a fish.

4. You Don't Understand all the Slang.

My boss asked me if the lyric "make it clap no hands for me" was referring to "bum cheeks"

5. You have real expenses.

I have to pay to take the transit to work but somehow I'm always filling up my car that I don't use????

6. Your schedule is filled.

You've started writing appointments down because for some reason your mom thinks turning 20 means you have to go to the dentist by yourself.

7. Not one Disney Channel Star is recognizable.

Apparently Disney Channel didn't stop making movies after Camp Rock 2

8. Going to bed after 10 p.m is late.

Anything less than 8 hour is not an option

9. You Can Legally Drink.

The fact that drinking a glass of wine at dinner with my parents is not breaking any laws is still hard to understand.

10. Teenagers Stress You Out.

Somehow the sight of a preteen in tiny Hollister shorts stresses you out and you just want to give her a huge and a human sized shirt.

11. Your Co-workers ask you personal questions.

They treat you like one of them, asking about your life and relationship and you just smile in shock

12. The idea of going out fills you with dread.

Sticky floors? Sweaty people? A hangover that will probably last a week? Nah I'm good with Netflix.

13. Your friends are getting married.

Because ring by spring seems to be a real thing

14. There are bills to pay.

Surprise! Your credit card doesn't pay itself.

15. All your friends are adults.

When your best friends are seniors, when your big is graduated and when people start planning careers, you know it's happened, you're an adult.

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