Growing up, we learn that success is measured by the education you receive and how we process the knowledge we have gained. We begin to understand that education is a necessary element to future success and is the prime source to allow ourselves to make sure we end up with well-paying jobs so our financial life is secure. We judge an individual's success with the money they acquire based on the job they have--but what if being successful was not defined by the amount of money you earn, but allowing yourself to build a life where you love what you do, or enjoy where you live, or both?

The mentality of success equating to the money we earn is how individuals forget to live for themselves instead for the acceptance of individuals who they fear will judge them. Understanding that giving up what you love for society's pressures is not success, but rather giving up on yourself to find happiness. The truth that money is a necessity for daily living is accurate, but focusing your whole life on whether you are going to make enough money rather than focusing on whether you are going to be happy will make you look successful on the outside but internally miserable.

Living your life doing what you love, rather than doing what supplies you with money will allow you to feel successful while being content. Understanding that success is not a measure of how great your job is or how much money you are making, but rather a measure of how fortunate or pleased you are with what you have acquired in your life.