Throughout my educational experience so far, I have really learned to appreciate what makes one who they are. Everyone has a story. Everyone has something that makes them unique, makes them stand out from the person sitting next to them.

When people are themselves and aren't afraid to show their true colors, the world becomes a better place. Everyone has different interests, talents, and beliefs. Everyone shines in a certain area, which creates so much diversity.

I have always believed that happiness is the most important thing in life. This feeling encompasses so many other feelings such as love, laughter, and beauty. When one is happy in one part of their life, it makes every other aspect even the slightest bit better.

Happiness should be a goal people strive to achieve and implement in their days.

I often find that people in this day and age value money more than they should. Sure, it is a necessity and is beneficial to have a large income, but that should not be the only focus people have.

Because of all of this individualism in the world, it is important for someone to pick a career path that showcases their unique skills and what they really enjoy.

People should not pick a career based off of how much money they will potentially make, but I notice people doing this a lot.

Will these people that choose the highest paying jobs really be happy? Or are they just forcing themselves to enjoy it so that they will become what they see as successful?

In actuality, success can not be measured by a dollar amount. To me, success is being the happiest I can be and the best person I can be.

I did not choose my major based off of the average income of it, but by how much I will enjoy it and be talented at it. If more people gained this mindset of putting happiness over money, I believe that people will start to truly chase after their dreams and not let anything stop them.

Take pride in all you do.

Success is happiness.