5 Stunning Documentaries You Should Immediately Start Streaming On Netflix

5 Stunning Documentaries You Should Immediately Start Streaming On Netflix

A few recommendations for documentaries I've found particularly spectacular.

Yes, I am a gigantic nerd who likes to watch documentaries for fun. Yes, I am aware that they are basically a waste of time unless you really like studying an ocean full of Portuguese man-of-war. But while documentaries are a giant waste of time, at the same time, they're not really a waste of time (if that made any sense.) Most people believe they're boring and uneventful compared to their exciting TV thrillers. However, I think those people haven't watched the right ones. So I've picked five documentaries that are captivating from beginning to end.

1. Planet Earth II

Absolutely magnificent. No one can match the cinematic beauty that BBC invests into their nature documentaries. From the grand music composed by Hans Zimmer to the breathtaking clarity and resolution of the Earth's natural wonders, this documentary depicts Earth in all its glory and splendor. The combination of all of these elements along with the refinement of it all hits a spot close to home that makes you realize how lucky we are to be living on an amazing planet like this.

BBC's documentaries have always made me marvel at the world and Planet Earth II does an exceptionally good job at it. It's a great one to watch with friends or family to appreciate the amazing power and fragility of the Earth together. And also, it has David Attenborough narrating it. Any documentary narrated by this god is bound to be gold.

2. Blue Planet II

I admit I haven't seen this one yet, but I already absolutely cannot wait for it to come to Netflix. If the previews and clips are anything to judge it by, I think it's going to be amazing. While I wasn't originally planning on watching it because oceans seemed boring and repetitive, my biology teacher showed the class a clip, and I was immediately captivated.

While Planet Earth II evokes a feeling of appreciation for our Earth, Blue Planet II creates a sensation of wonder at the mystery and omnipotence of our oceans. Again, I cannot praise enough the camera quality that went into shooting these scenes. The murky depths at the bottom of the ocean suddenly become crystal clear to the point where they look animated.

What seems to set this documentary apart from the others is the extraordinary elegance of it all. It shows the viewer the endless power of the ocean and is utterly jaw-dropping. It took me a while to close my mouth after watching just a small clip of it. Take a deep breath before diving into this one.

Also, I would like to mention Ocean Bloom, a song for Blue Planet II which was a collaboration between Radiohead and Hans Zimmer. No one has captured the essence of the ocean quite like them. The provocative lyrics and orchestral backing most clearly remind me of the timeless ebb and flow of the ocean from its largest waves to its tiniest lulls.

3. Rotten

Wow. This is one interesting documentary. I wasn't planning on watching this one either because I thought it would be another boring, overdramatized PSA about what goes into our food which I really couldn't care less about. It's so much more than that. It talks not only about the dangers of food but also about the bigger picture of foreign trade, how it impacts domestic farmers and the dangers of certain experimental food trends and corruption from the biggest food companies.

I know I'm not making this sound very interesting, but it's something that will amaze the first time you try to watch it, especially the episodes on the garlic and milk industry.

What I like about this one is that it makes the viewer think. It's simply structured, presenting different viewpoints around the food industry and letting the audience decide what they take away from that. It's eye-opening, provocative, fascinating and open-ended, bringing into light issues I never even knew existed. In the face of conflicting interests from the environment to farmers to public safety, how will we find a balance between them all in the increasingly complex and corrupt world of food?

4. Blackfish

Another amazing documentary about killer whales and the issues that come with keeping them in captivity. I know my description of it makes it sound like another one of those pretentious "documentaries" that basically advocates for freeing Shamu, but Blackfish is everything a documentary should be. It presents a pretty well-rounded view of all sides letting the viewer decide what to think about what should be a controversial and polarizing topic.

This one pulls at the heartstrings when seeing the bond between animal and trainer, ignites anger at the corruption of large companies and generates shock at the brutality and violence with which these trainers were killed. This dramatic and suspenseful documentary is sure to keep you on your toes and make you wonder at the sheer power of these animals. Do we have the right to keep them, especially after the coverups and ignorance over how dangerous these animals have the potential to be when abused?

5. Flint Town

This one documents the city of Flint with its crime-ridden streets and its water crisis caused by corrupt politicians. It's one to make you marvel at the resilience and grit it takes to live there. Flint Town follows the police and showcases just what it takes to stop crime. While I didn't find it particularly amazing, it really has the potential to change your opinion.

While at first, I was shocked by the brutality the police treated these criminals with, I slowly realized throughout the documentary what the police had to do for their jobs. They too were human in a world that used social media to "expose" them for their every move. And in return for their hard work, they got more criticism and degradation. Yet everyone from the police to the citizens managed to persevere despite the adversity between them.

While I still don't agree with some of the tactics used by the police, I begrudgingly admit that I know nothing about the real world. I know I'm privileged enough to live in a little bubble where I've never seen crime first hand, and seeing it being addressed through force is a tough pill to swallow. However, I know now that the police are also trying to do their jobs in a world against them. If you're able to overcome your prejudice against them, it's a great documentary to watch that can really change your viewpoint from what the media depicts. That's why it's on this list.

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The Cullen Girls: Part 18

Follow the lives of Meredith, Amy, Olivia, Sarah, and Jane Cullen, as they navigate the unknown territories that come with building a family through adoption.


"What are you two fighting about now?" Olivia is sitting at the kitchen table with Sarah, and Amy is the stove making something mouth watering.

"Nothing," Jane mumbles, rolling her eyes as she comes through the screen door. Pete comes in behind her, hands up in disbelief.

"Really, Jane? You're gonna call that nothing?"

"Really, Pete? After everything you've put me through?"

"What did I do?"

"I'm talking about Davey. All that shit with Davey."

"Oh god, we're back to this." Sarah groans.

"Shut up." Jane and Pete tell her before turning and glaring at each other.

"What happened?" Olivia asks.

"Jane hates my girlfriend," Pete tells her.

"Oh my god, no I don't!"

"Aww, you have a girlfriend, Pete? And Jane's jealous?" Olivia leans forward, her own personal reality show right in front of her.

"I'm not jealous!" Jane shouts.

"It's obvious you don't like her - "

"That doesn't make me jealous. And I don't recall ever saying I didn't like her."

"You called her an airhead." Pete holds her stare. "To her face."

Even Amy is listening now. "Jeez, Jane. That's mean, even for you."

"Shut upppp!" Jane screams now. "I did not call her an airhead. All I said was that her comment made her sound like one. God."

Pete's face looks like he smells something bad. "You never have anything nice to say to her."

"You never have anything nice to say to Davey."

"I at least keep it to myself."

Jane punches Pete's arm as hard as she can, and his lack of reaction only pisses her off more. "Asshole! Go see your stupid movie with that airhead without me. Have fun explaining all of it to her the whole time."

"I will!" Pete is out the door, letting it slam behind him without another look at Jane. Jane runs for the door before he can get too far, yelling after him, "At least I get to make out when I go to the movies!" Behind her, her sisters are howling with laughter, and she turns her glare on them.

"Does this fucking amuse you?"

"More than you know." Olivia manages to get out.

"Well I can understand why you're amused," Jane shoots back, but Olivia is too caught up to be insulted.


The change in Sarah is pretty quick. Her relationship with Ryan goes from casual to serious in a short time, and the result is the opposite of what her family expected. The same ends up being true with Olivia. She goes in the opposite direction with every step Sarah takes forward with Ryan. Her family goes days without hearing from her, and when she does grace them with her presence, she's short with everyone and downright nasty towards Sarah. After several dinners end with one or the other storming out of the house, Olivia stops showing up at all.

Tonight, after several minutes of hearing nothing but silverware on plates, Meredith asks, "Has anyone talked to Olivia?"

Amy looks at her mother, hesitating. "I tried calling before I came over, but she didn't answer."

"I talked to her yesterday." Jane offers, looking to Amy. "She said she wasn't coming, but I didn't think she meant it." Only Jane catches Sarah rolling her eyes. They both jump when Meredith throws her silverware on her plate.

"That's it. We are not having family dinners when family is missing."

"Mom, she's missing it by choice," Sarah scoffs, clearly annoyed.

"Choice or not, this isn't how this family works." Meredith starts grabbing everyone's plates as Sarah starts to protest. Her mother holds with a look that still manages to work, and Sarah knows better than to say anything more. When they reach Olivia's apartment her car isn't in its spot, but whether Meredith sees this or not doesn't matter. They all follow her silently up the stairs.

"Jeez, Mom, at least knock first," Jane says when Meredith pulls out a key. The last thing they need is to walk in on Ollie with a guy. Jane knocks loudly twice before reluctantly stepping back beside Amy. She doesn't like what they're doing, unsettles by what's happening between Olivia and Sarah. Amy puts her arms around her as they cautiously enter the apartment behind Meredith barging in with purpose. Sarah makes no move to follow, huffing and rolling her eyes in the hall.

"Sarah," Meredith warns without ever turning around. Sarah appears in the doorway, arms folded tightly across her chest. Ignoring her mom, she takes her glare and sits on the couch.

"Olivia?" Meredith walks through the apartment calling for her daughter. Jane looks out the window, finding Olivia exactly where she thought she'd be. Cigarette in hand, she sits on her balcony with a look on her face that Jane doesn't recognize. Amy comes to see what she's looking at, Meredith behind them cleaning up, unaware that Olivia's actually home.

"Something's wrong," Jane whispers. "Ollie doesn't act like this." Amy sighs softly but says nothing. She turns to Sarah, still scowling on the couch. They catch each other's eyes, and Sarah's expression hardens.

"What is she out there moping?" Her sisters ignore her, but a few seconds later they watch as Sarah appears next to Olivia. Jane pulls the window open enough to hear.

"Dude, what exactly is your issue?"

Olivia flicks the cigarette away, just missing Sarah, who doesn't flinch. "I'm not talking about anything with you," she says coldly.

"Fuckin Christ, are you serious right now? You're gonna keep acting like this, have mom come over here all worried about you, about nothing - "

"I don't want to see you!" Olivia screams, jumping up to get in Sarah's face. Jane is the one that startles as Sarah stands her ground. She's never seen her sister like this, and her expression is no longer sarcastic and annoyed, but confused. She starts to back away, unsure of what's happening.

"Too bad," she says. "I want to know why you're so mad at me. What is it that I did?" Sarah's voice gives a little, surprising everyone. It's enough to soften Olivia because she takes a step back, her face falling.

"It's not - you didn't…do - " Olivia can't finish what she wants to say, and with a hand to her face, she collapses into the chair. Sarah rushes to join her, squeezing herself into the space with her distraught sister. She throws her arms around Olivia as she breaks down.

"Ollie," Sarah murmurs. "What's going on?"

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