8 Places You Can Study For Finals
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Student Life

8 Places You Can Study For Finals And Stay Away From The Library

Many students use the library, but there's many other places you can study.

8 Places You Can Study For Finals And Stay Away From The Library

The library can get old after a while. If you're looking for some new spots study, keep on reading!

Local Coffee Shop

Coffee Mug Coffee Shop Coffee Drink Tea Relax


That's right, I said a coffee shop and I am not talking about Starbucks, I am talking about a local coffee shop. Local coffee shops are so cute and can be a great place to get some work done. Plus, if you love coffee, local coffee shops have the best coffee!



If you are looking to be outside while studying, a park is the best bet. In Charleston, there's so many parks, Hampton Park, Waterfront Park, and Whitepoint Garden. Bring a blanket and lay it in the grass and make yourself comfy!



A bookstore may not sound exciting, but you'd be surprised at how many people go into one, sit by the cafe, and read and study. It's even a plus, if you're looking for a new book.

A Classroom


This one sounds weird but I promise, it's not! An empty classroom is a great option because you can guarantee you won't have any distractions and it will be completely quiet so you can focus on studying.

Student Center


College of Charleston has a student center. While I don't use the student center to study or go too, there are so many people who do go. What is super nice is that there is an outdoor area with picnic tables, and it is never quite too busy.

Tutoring Center


If you need some help with what you're studying, go to the tutoring center! It is also very quiet in the tutoring center, so you can focus as well.

Dining Hall

Chairs Indoors Empty Table Room Windows


Personally, I have never tried this. But if you are someone who needs some white noise in the background to concentrate, this might be good for you!

Your Room


And of course, the last one is studying in your room! I love having a night where I stay in, lay in bed with Netflix on, and get some studying done. There's nothing wrong with studying in your room!

Studying outside of the library doesn't have to be boring!

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