Finals can be super stressful. They are typically worth a large portion of your final grade. Therefore, doing well is very important! One way to make sure you ace the test is to study, study, and study. Knowing what study methods work best for you is essential. If you are not sure what works best for you, I have somethings you can try! Try these ten study tips and see the results for yourself!

1. Go to class!

You have to know what to study! Go to class, listen, participate, and take notes.

2. Write your notes by hand.

Taking notes by hand helps your understand and remember the information better. Look it up!

3. Don't Cram. Study for 20 minutes everyday for a week.

This helps you remember more, but doesn't overwhelm you.

4. Make flashcards.

Making flashcards gives you a chance to rewrite your notes. Flashcards are also an easy way to study on the go.

5. Study with Friends.

Studying with friends is awesome! You can have fun, but get a lot done.

6. Make a practice test.

Hopefully a practice test will get those real test jitters.

7. Record your lectures.

Listen to them later! Professors say some pretty good stuff.

8. Ask for help

if you don't understand something, ask another classmate, your professor, or get a tutor.

9. Make it fun! Turn studying into a game.

Play jeopardy or compete with a friend to see who knows more.

10. Make sure to take study breaks and enjoy yourself!

Watch TV, take a nap, do some yoga, or hang out with friends.