The True Tale Of A Student On Campus Over The Summer
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The True Tale Of A Student On Campus Over The Summer

College towns are so fun to live in...until it's the summer.

The True Tale Of A Student On Campus Over The Summer
Bailey Reiser

The campus is my favorite place to be. Hanging out with friends, going out to parties, attending classes, grabbing coffee with all your friends, walking on the quad and seeing nearly everyone that you know, and so much more fun is to be enjoyed during your time at college. Throughout the school year, it makes it seem so much fun and, personally, I thought staying in the college town to work over the summer would be the coolest thing in the world. WOW, was I very wrong!

In my 20 years, I have never experienced the kind of boredom that I have experienced over time I have spent in Normal since school ended. I came into this summer with such an open mind, thinking that it was going to be extremely exciting living in my favorite town over the summer, but I have found that my favorite activities to do over the school year just do not add up to the fun they are supposed to be. Here are some of the things that I would do over the school year that just don't feel the same during the summer months.

Walking around the quad is not as exciting.

During a nice day (anytime from August to May), you can walk onto the quad and automatically see almost everyone that you know. There are people everywhere doing anything from laying in hammocks, having a picnic on the grass, studying on a blanket, playing outdoor sports, or even just lounging around. This is something every student becomes accustomed to during their time at their school and my experience has been no different until the summer hit. I work on campus currently and take proctored exams for my online class at the school, so I have been on campus almost every day that I have been here. I have only come across one hammock, a few joggers, and possibly a few people walking their dogs, but nowhere near the number of people I would like to see on the quad. It looks so sad in comparison to what the atmosphere is when there are all these happy students living their best lives in the fresh air.

Going into the building where I typically have all of is also very sad.

As you have probably read in my other articles (and if you haven't read them, you should), I am a fine arts major. This automatically tells you that the building that I take classes in is a welcome and happy environment where you can just walk around and feel all the love that the other art majors are giving off. During the school year, I can't help but walk through my building with a huge smile on my face because of all the greetings I get and being able to see my favorite people, even if it is just in passing. In these dreadful summer months, I have to walk to the fine arts office for my job, which is located in my classroom building. My heart aches for the overwhelming wave of love and happiness that I am used to feeling when I walk into the building. I have only come to see a few equity actors for the Shakespeare Festival that I do not know and who do not greet me in the way all fine arts majors do.

Strolling around Uptown doesn't make my heart as happy.

If you aren't aware, Uptown Normal is where many cute, little shops and restaurants that students love to go to when they have nothing else to do during their time at school. There is such a cute feeling when it is nice outside and everyone is venturing around the area with large smiles on their faces because of the happiness the area brings to the general public. However, during the summer, there aren't as many people walking around seeming to enjoy the bright and shining days that summer has been bringing us. There are a few townies walking around, but even they don't come around as often because of all the students being gone.

Hanging out with friends in town is not as easy.

It's either because everyone is working or not having money or because there doesn't seem to be as much to do out here during the summer as there is when school is in session. I know I have a few friends out here currently and I have hung out with quite a few of them but I also have a lot of them that I have not gotten to see and that is because I always hangout with them between classes or at social events but never doing something one on one and just hanging out. Social anxiety really gets me here, but it is also just because I do not know everyone who is here and the potential I have to hangout with others.

And, the only people I see around campus are my coworkers.

This is lovely and makes me happy in additions to all the students and parents here for orientation, who let's face it, have no idea where they are or what is going on. The students and parents don't interact with me unless it is to ask where the bathroom is anyway, so I am still really lacking that love I have for human interaction and affection.

Overall, college towns over the summer seem to paint this picture with rose-colored glasses, making us feel like it will be as wonderful as it is over the school year. What most don't know is that you will have to entertain yourself most of the time and be happy being by yourself a majority of the time. I'm still working to find my way through the lonesomeness of being on campus basically by myself but, hopefully, I can get there before the summer ends.

Also, a quick thank you to my friend Cody for the idea for the article and for actually spending time with me this summer!

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