If you are in college, you know what the search for the right school is like. From your junior year into your senior year of high school, you were applying to schools here and there, possibly everywhere. You anxiously awaited acceptance letters. During this time, you probably went on a campus tour or two and maybe visited some schools on during their open house events. That is where being the Student Ambassador that I am today comes in!

As a Student Ambassador, I get the chance to be on the other side of the search for the right college. It is an amazing feeling to assist high school students, and sometimes even graduate students, find the right school for them. I remembered when I was going through the college search process how one Student Ambassador from the school I currently attend left a lasting impression on me. I wanted the chance to leave an impression as he did for me.

When you are a Student Ambassador, it is more than giving tours. It is sharing your experience, sharing your stories. It is answering questions of students and parents who are in your former position of finding a niche for four years. It is setting an example for others, you are a leader.

There are many days that I do not feel like walking campus to take families on a campus tour. However, every time I meet these families and start talking to them during my shift, I forget how much I don't feel like walking. I become immersed in sharing my experience at my college and how much I love my school.

I think everyone should be a Student Ambassador if they get the chance during their college experience. There is nothing more amazing than helping students and their families through a process that you went through. I think of my position as a Student Ambassador as giving back and I LOVE IT!