If you are fortunate to get stuck on an island and can't get off. Here are some fun and quirky things you can do to ease your time on the island. For you people who hate getting stuck on the island... get over it and don't go to an island if you are gonna hate getting stuck.

1. Binge-watch the 'Harry Potter' Series

Pop a squat on the couch. You got 24 back to back hours of entertainment with this series.

2. Go shopping

Spend some money. Who doesn't enjoy that?

3. Go for a hike 

Explore the island. Get in touch with nature.

4. Drive around the island

Explore the island, usually if you are stuck that means there is a storm... could be some pretty cool sights.

5. Nap in a hammock

Relax. Take a nap. Enjoy the time when you literally have nothing to do.

6. Check out the snarky comments on the Ferry's Facebook

Zoey Leonard

" Do you guys ever run in the rain?" Seriously people. Come on.

7. Drink 

Have a drink. Relax. There isn't anything you can do about it.

8. Go to a local restaurant

Talk to some locals. Get to know the islanders. You may never want to leave.

9. Get ahead on classwork 

I know I had a ton of work I got out of the way!

10. Write about getting stuck on a island

Well... I did write this article...