Most people would talk about how the first week of their spring semester was either a blast because they got to see their friends again or that it was just tiring all around because we are back in school and on a whole new schedule. Well, that is not the case for me with this spring semester. After the first day of classes for the spring semester, I ended up in a place where I did not think I would end up.

The hospital.

The Monday of the first day of classes, I woke up in the middle of the night with a sharp pain in my chest. It felt like something was being weighted down on it. I eventually threw up, and the pain subsided so I went about my day normally.

That is, until my last class of the day.

After my last class had finished, I went to stand up and the pain came back. Not as bad as it was in the morning, but it was still pretty bad. It took me a little under an hour to call my mom, tell her the situation, and walk to the student clinic. Now, I have a history with heart problems as when I was only two I had open heart surgery. So the chest pains gave me a scare that it could be related to something like that. When I got to the clinic, I was told that I had to go to the ER since there wasn't much that they can do.

That's how I was transported via ambulance to the Wood County Hospital Emergency Room.

My chest and heart were all cleared, but they found out that I had an iron deficiency, anemia, and something was up in my stomach. With tests already being done on my chest that night and they couldn't do much, I was admitted overnight. In fact, I'm already on my second going onto my third night now with finally having figured out the solution to my problem. That I will not say, but I can say that Coca Cola, "it's the real thing."

The current hardest part that I feel right now is that how am I going to get stuff done when I am currently restricted to a hospital room, an IV, and my room.

My parents are already making a great sacrifice for me with driving over from out of town. Another hard thing because I'm in a hospital where I know no one and I am unfamiliar with the location and building.

I only got lucky with missing one class during this week with classes being canceled by the University on Wednesday and Thursday due to the cold temperatures. But as Wednesday came on, I got worried about how I will be able to get some of the stuff done with doctors coming in and out throughout the day to take my vitals, change my IV bag, give me iron, give me my meals, and many other things.

As I finish up this article, I would first like to say thank you so much to the doctors and nurses at the Wood County Hospital for helping us out through all of this. Another thank you to the EMT for transporting me and the people at the Falcon Health Center for being the kick starter for this long, tiring, and audacious process.

Now, can I have this IV out of my arm now?