My struggle with Writer's Block

As a writer, I have had my share of moments when of just staring at my blank screen unsure of where to start and how to form words, of course though, when something nothing goes right, take a nap. I think that's fair advice, right?

Perhaps after that nap, I try to go back into to writing mode and hopefully I have some inspiration going, but most of the time nothing comes. Writer's block is something I believe that all writer's struggle with, even the greatest like J.k. Rowling or John Green. Writing can be a difficult task and sometimes a battle.

Back when I first started writing fan fiction of the Harry Potter series, I felt like nothing could stop me, and I had this momentum that kept me going. But as I got older and started writing on my own, I thought that it was harder to come up with an idea with my own and stick with it. When I was writing my fiction stories I never finished it; I felt guilty that there something preventing me from completing the story and wondered if I'm considered a writer at all? What kind of writer doesn't finish a story and starts something else?

I believe that a good writer doesn't just finish a story because we have to, but a good writer knows not to stop writing even if it's something new. Us writers, don't believe in word count or page numbers because that stuff doesn't matter when writing. All it matters is that we keep that momentum going even if we sometimes lose ourselves and don't remember how to form words. Writer's block is something that we can overcome. It's like overcoming a fear and when you overcome your fear, let's say snakes for the sake of this article and because I'm in the Harry Potter mood – when you overcome your fear of snakes or whatever you become stronger and a writer that's one of the greatest things to do; growing stronger. You become stronger by writing and even if you mess up or unsure of where to start that's okay. I know a lot of writers out there that are busy with life to continue writing or feel like they lost ideas or motivation and that happens to everyone. You are not alone.

If you are going to take one thing away from this article, let it be that if you are a writer or consider yourself to be one, please do yourself a favor and don't let writer's block, fear or deadlines or even just life pressures control you in any shape. You are so much better than those things and remember it take it easy. Life may be a race, but regardless of where you end up or how you get there, you are still a winner. When nothing goes right, take a nap.

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