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She's The Girl Who Loves To Write About Everything But Herself

The future is untold so I never know what path I might take and what career I might pursue. Any college application always leaves me frustrated.


For me, I can write about anything but myself. Well, mainly my future since you never really know what is going to happen, no matter how much you plan. Recently, I had to fill out an application for my dream major. It asked simple questions like why I wanted the major and what I planned on doing after college. Those seem pretty easy to answer, right?

Well, not for me. It took me almost two hours to answer a couple of short answer questions. If the application had asked me to write about a specific topic, like a court case or anything more specific than my future, I would have been able to do it. However, the application contained broad questions about my future. How am I supposed to answer those questions?

My responses to broad questions are rather simple and lack any real content. To be quite honest, I kind of make it up along the way because I am so focused on what the people reading my application will say. Will they like that I have my options open and will follow the job or will they dislike it because I have no plan?

I view anyone having their options open as positive because it relieves a lot of stress. Now, I am NOT saying go in with absolutely no plan. I am saying follow your interests when choosing a major, as long as you will be able to have a career. For instance, I decided to major in Criminal Justice and Journalism with a minor in Political Science. I am double majoring with a minor because I want to see a criminal justice system reform, I love writing, and I have always been quite interested in politics.

Follow your interests (that will make you money because that does not grow on trees) and don't push yourself to major in something that is not right for you but pleases others. I watched friends fail their classes there because they were majoring in something that they did not want to do.

Anyways, it is hard to write about my future because I do not know what I want. I may go to law school, I may be a journalist somewhere, or I may get my Master of Science in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics. I'm not sure yet because I have learned in life you never know what will happen. I may not be able to afford any more school after undergrad without going into a ton of debt. I may become rich from winning the lottery or by becoming famous.

The point is, you never know what will happen, and I do not understand how college applications and other applications expect you to know. I had to sit down with my mom and come up with a plan for my future to fill out my major's application. Now, I do have a plan, but it is in the short term. I am currently focused on keeping my GPA high, balancing my sorority life, and writing these articles. While I may not have long-term goals set in stone, I do have multiple plans.

If this article does not prove my point, I am not sure what will. Writing primarily about myself is impossible, and I gave advice I should have followed myself.

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