It's summer and all you'd rather do is hang with your friends and relax.

In the summer, for some reason, the days just pass by so quickly and suddenly it's the week before you have to move back into your dorm.

Now, you have to pack up everything you comfortably unpacked for the summer back home.

Except, now you have to remember what exactly you need to bring to school.

It's all stressful, because, while packing, you have to consider your transportation back to campus. (If you're like me, and you study abroad, the struggle with packing becomes even more real, because weight limits yo)

And, although you need to use as much time possible to pack up,

for some reason (we all know it's actually the fault of summer jobs/internships/classes), all your friends back home are finally free to meet and you all want to say you're last goodbyes before you all leave to school.

And, finally, its the day you leave, and you're just basically packing whatever you can and hoping that it all works out.