Ask any only child and they will probably say that they were plagued with stereotypes while growing up. Even if you weren’t the stereotypical only child, people automatically assumed that you were. I can’t count how many times I have been asked, “So you get everything that you want, right?” and, “Isn’t it lonely not having siblings?” I won’t lie, I love being an only child. I honestly couldn’t imagine my life being any other way. However, like anything in life, the good comes with the bad. This is for all of you who suffer from the “only child syndrome.”

1. People assume that you are spoiled.

2. You had no one else to blame things on, so Mom and Dad always knew when you were lying.

3. You were raised around adults, so you relate more to them.

4. You consider your dog to be your sibling.

5. No matter how hard you try, you will always have a hard time sharing.

6. Kids assumed that you were lonely and always asked if you wished that you had siblings.

7. You became an expert at playing by yourself.

8. You have a tendency to be socially awkward at times.

9. You are naturally independent.

10. But you are also slightly worried about surviving on your own.

11. So you talk to your mom multiple times a day.

12. You know that you will forever be the favorite child.

13. At the end of the day, you will always deny having the “only child syndrome,” even though you know that you have it deep down.