13 Struggles Girls With Naturally Curly Hair Relate To On A Spiritual Level
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13 Struggles Girls With Naturally Curly Hair Relate To On A Spiritual Level

It's not all butterflies and rainbows.

13 Struggles Girls With Naturally Curly Hair Relate To On A Spiritual Level
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When people ask about my naturally curly hair, I like to describe it as a love-hate relationship. Don't get me wrong, I really like having my hair; it's fun to watch my blonde waves bounce as I walk, as it reminds me of my unique appearance.

But anyone with the same waves can agree that it's not all rainbows and butterflies when it comes to having naturally curly hair. It's almost like a child that has to be frequently taken care of and watched over. And as much as the final product can look appealing, the process of managing it makes me want to rip my hair out (literally) for quite a few reasons.

1. The (what often feels like endless) knots

Unfortunately, anyone with curly hair knows the issue of tangles all too well. They may have had to cut a few big ones, accidentally broke some combs, and had far too many feelings of annoyance when getting ready. Though there are some heavenly products can help unravel the knots, they're sadly unavoidable.

2. You never know how it can turn out when you wake up

Sometimes waking up means being greeted with a nice set of curls that won't take too long to manage, or it can be saying hello to what looks like a cluttered nest of hair on your head. With curly hair, it's almost always a not-so-fun surprise.

3. People asking if your hair is natural

Yes, it's natural. Yes, it runs in my family. No, I do not curl it every single day. That would be insane. And take too much time. Which I do not have. No really, I wake up and it looks like this. I swear!

4. How long it takes to get ready

It's a little insane how long it can take to do curly hair. Unfortunately, it means getting up a little earlier than others to get it situated, but oh well, that's the price of having curly hair. It's probably my biggest focus and stressor when I get ready in the mornings. I often visualize how easy it must be for those with straight hair to get ready. Isn't it as simple as throwing on your clothes, brushing your teeth, combing your hair and you're off? Oh, the simplicity. Those with curly hair can only imagine...

5. The amount of money spent on products

I can't imagine how much money I have spent on curly hair products in my life thus far. But I think it's important to switch it up and buy different shampoos and conditioners from time to time to see the difference they can make on your hair. It's like creating your own experiments on your appearance! Yeah, it's all fun and games... until you see your bank account.

6. Not wanting to go out in the rain and humidity...

Rain and humidity do not work wonders on any curly hair. It often calls for the use of a hat so no one has to see the inevitably annoying effects it can have on curls. Or, as I often find myself doing, staying in so there is no risk of facing the embarrassment of what the weather can do.

7. ...because of the inevitable frizz

Frizz is arguably one of the most annoying features that comes with having curly hair. It can ruin the overall appearance and often be difficult to get rid of without some product. And if you accidentally put in too much product to fix the issue? Well, now you just have greasy hair with unnecessary product in it, and frizz! It's a challenge, to say the least.

8. The changing length of curls

With the different circumstances, curly hair goes through comes the different lengths that curls can undergo. Get a haircut? Cue curls springing up. Scrunch your hair too much with product? Curls are up to your shoulders. Warm weather? Your long curls are gone. It's difficult to go through a period of time with the same length of curls, prompting friends and family to ask what I did differently with my hair, never failing to drive me insane.

9. The risk of doing something fun with it

When it comes to curly hair, whether you want to put your hair in a pony tail, braids or anything different from the norm, you must be committed. Because as much as there is a chance of it looking cute for the rest of the day, there is an even greater chance that it turns out horrendous before walking out the door. And if the hairstyle turns out horrendous, you must take your hair out of the clip or hair tie and be prepared for the monstrosity that you'll have to start from the beginning to fix. So appealing hairstyles leave those like me wondering, is it even worth it to look nice?

10. People tell you to straighten it, then say your curly hair looks better straightened

Thank you for your suggestion. I like to straighten my hair; I have done it before and it doesn't look too shabby. But I really like my curly hair and don't want to straighten it every day because you and others might prefer it that way. That would definitely not be healthy for my hair. But thank you for admitting that you don't like my natural hair that I try so hard to make look good everyday. Appreciate it!

11. Hugs

Oh, hugs. They are truly loving, caring gestures that are great to give and receive. But for those with curly hair, hugs mean that the other person involved may face the wrath of your waves. Maybe it will turn out to be a nice embrace, but there's also a great chance that the other hugger will step back to take a strand of your curly hair out of your mouth. They're a 50/50 risk of a sensitive moment or an awkward one.

12. The shedding

The hair on your clothes is very noticeable to those around you. The hairballs on the ground are most definitely from you. Combing out your hair makes you wonder if you still have any hair left on your head. Ah yes, the symptoms of having curly hair are totally exhilarating and not at all embarrassing!

13. People telling you they want your hair

After reading these points of why having curly hair is a struggle, you might find yourself seeing curly hair as a difficult part of life to contain. It's more than enough to handle, with all of the aspects of managing it that you might not have considered. So if you have straight hair and you still want to persist to those with curly hair that you want their hair, think of this article, never forget to appreciate your hair and what you were given!

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