13 Struggles Of Dealing With Wavy Hair

Thanks to genetics, fate, or some kind of coincidence, I got hair that isn't perfectly straight or in tight curls. I've been told that my hair is pretty, and for the most part, I do like it. However, there are some aspects of having wavy hair that I get annoyed with. Here are some of the struggles that wavy-haired girls like me deal with every day.

1. Some days it’s “more straight” and others it’s “more curly”

When you wake up, you don't know what you're going to get.

2. When it’s curly, it’s weirdly inconsistent

One side of your head could be more curly than the other and there's nothing you can do about it.

3. Frizz. Everywhere. All the time.

4. A lot of hair products simply don’t do anything for you

Any products that attempt to smooth frizz just make your hair look greasy and unwashed.

5. But when you find one, it becomes your holy grail

6. You can straighten or curl it with some effort

7. Brushing your hair only makes it bigger

Other girls can brush their hair and it looks the same. When you do it, it looks like you've been electrocuted.

8. Even a drop of humidity has disastrous results

Any efforts you've put into your hair are lost the moment the humidity gets to it.

9. Letting your hair air dry is always a dangerous game

10. You laugh at the beauty tips that show you how to do a “relaxed beach wave”

Since when has my hair been relaxed?

11. You laugh some more when people tell you that you have nice hair and it’s easy to style

This is a comment I have actually gotten. I don't understand it either.

12. When people ask you what your hair type is, you don’t know how to answer

13. You absolutely have more bad hair days than good

The good hair days are always when you're not going anywhere.

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