5 Struggles Of College Course Selection

5 Struggles Of College Course Selection

8 AM classes are not to be considered and classes on Friday are unacceptable.


Every semester when course selection comes around, my heart rate picks up and my breath quickens. Making the numerous decisions that accompany course selection is always a stressful task. By the end of it, I feel equally drained and relieved. It seems that there are always so many classes to take and not enough hours in the day.

But we do have certain conditions. 8 a.m. classes are not to be considered and classes on Friday are unacceptable. We do this by forgetting the fact that in high school, we had classes at 7:30 in the morning, Monday through Friday. With all these requirements and objections in mind, there are a lot of emotions that accompany college course selection. Here are a few.

1. There are SO many classes

From the classes in your major to the plethora of classes that can be used for electives, the possibilities are endless which is both a blessing and a curse.

2. Stacking multiple heavy-load classes on the same day

This can sometimes be a consequence of having a healthy sense of self-confidence but more often, this is a result of choosing so many Tuesday/Thursday classes.

3. Why is there only 1 section of this class

Getting down to the nitty-gritty scheduling qualms, when there is only one section of a required course, it really limits any flexibility in creating your schedule.

4. Creating the best schedule you've ever had and then realizing it's incomplete

There really is nothing worse than forgetting to incorporate one course in your near-perfect schedule which, of course, will conflict with every other meticulously chosen class.

5. Making it to the end of course selection with all your classes set for the next year

Course selection is always a difficult time, but with enough time and luck, we'll all get through it!
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