I started writing this article by brainstorming phrases women say that makes them appear weak. However, the article somehow morphed into actions that all people take that makes them seem weaker. I don't want to call out women for acting a certain way that makes them appear submissive because I don't think only females do that. Many people, male or female, appear unconfident and weak due to these actions.

1. Begin a sentence with “I think."

A good amount of time I hear people begin a sentence by “I think…”, “Maybe…”, or “I feel…” and this is not right. Beginning your sentence with phrases such as these devalues your statement. Be bold.

2. Unnecessarily say "I’m sorry."

If you make a mistake which requires you to apologize, then by all means apologize. However, was it your fault if someone bumped into you? No, so don’t say sorry. When someone else is at fault, it’s not your job to make the other feel better with a quick “sorry”.

3. Be afraid of the weight room.

This will not only, make you physically stronger, but also mentally stronger. No matter how new you are to lifting, don’t let that stop you from claiming a bench by the free weights. People aren’t looking at you and I’m sure of this because they’re all looking at themselves. Everyone starts somewhere, just pick up a pair of fifteens and get at it.

4. Show your pain.

Remain stoic, always. This doesn’t mean for you to bottle up your emotions and pretend like they don’t exist. Instead, when you are faced with trouble, don’t let the pain show. Don’t let them see you are scared or sad. Keep a blank face and continue the fight.

5. Let others change your mind.

Stand by your decision. Commit to your opinions and plans, don’t let anyone else make you think that you can’t accomplish what you want to.