Dear Strong Girl,

I want to tell you something to remember as you grow up. Being a woman in this world is a great victory and a great challenge. Much will be demanded of you but little may be recognized for your efforts. There is something I will say to you: never stop being strong and never stop being kind.

Go after your goals. Wake up and hit the ground running. Keep your days productive, but don't forget to pause for the people you love. Don't forget to pause for the people who need you.

Learn to take chances and take steps up. Advance courageously and humbly. Never forget where you have come from and let the lessons you learn stick with you along the journey. Keep your eyes forward and outward. The goal is not attaining a certain profession, a specific lifestyle, or one particular dream, the goal is to embrace the journey you travel.

Your strength is beautiful but some will say women shouldn't be so strong or independent, and to that, I will say, "young heart remain fierce, remain passionate, remain strong." Your strength is being able to admit defeat, your strength is the ability to humble yourself to do the things no one else wants to, your strength is not being afraid to cry, your strength is vulnerability.

Young women are watching you and learning from you. Remember to teach them, but don't be afraid to learn from them either. Invest in them and launch them forward. Older women will encourage you and don't be afraid to take their advice. People all around you will see your strength. Some may criticize you, but to that, I will remind you, your goal is not to please everyone.

Today, embrace your strength. Dear strong girl, it is okay to be mighty.