Dear Stress,

There is no need to introduce each other

I've known you for far too long

You find an open seat by my side for each roller coaster ride

Oh, how life would be so divine if you ceased to exist

I am no longer bound by your ways

Restrained by your vise grip

Through practice, I have mastered a way to see past you

Ah yes, now you are the one stressing

Choosing to step aside, viewing time differently

You are just one frame in the film reel, there is so much more to see

I look far beyond the horizon and you soon fade

Although you and I are finished

I still find myself thinking of you

Not about you, but how you still bother others

Causing my closest friends and family to worry

Maybe it's in my genetic code

That I am this way

Immune to your hold

I must say

It's really about one's perception of time

Just know

You and I will see each other again

Only this time,

I will be the one to find an open seat by your side, on the roller coaster ride,

When you decide to sit next to a friend or family member of mine

I am too kind to continue to allow you to operate

I will console and guide until the message is out there far and wide

Your one flaw comes from your dependence on time

Once everyone knows

Oh, how lonely you will be